Display panels are designed for outdoor operation

Display panels are designed for outdoor operation

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For applications in outdoor environments, LED display panels require a very high luminosity. The four products introduced by distributor MSC Technologies meet this requirement. Plus, they offer high robustness and are designed for a particularly long LED lifetime. With these properties, the panels are well suited for HMI applications as well as for display applications in test and measurement equipment.
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The NL8048AC19-14F (17.8 cm/7.0“), NL8048AC19-13 (17.8 cm/7.0“), NL8048AC21-01F (22 cm/8.0“) and NL12880BC20-07F (33.3 cm/12,1“) display panels offer a luminance of 1000cd/m², and 1500 cd/m², respectively. Main characteristics of the wide-screen modules are their resistance against vibration, a wide temperature range and an extremely long LED life of up to 100.000 operating hours.

Adoption of the white LED backlight results in lower environmental impact since they require less power. The NL12880BC20-07F (33.3 cm/12.1“), utilizes NLT’s proprietary color reproduction technology, ColorXcell, which enables the image of vivid colors on the screen. Use of LED backlight in combination with NLT’s ColorXcell technology achieves further reduction of power consumption.

The two 17.8 cm/7.0“ and 22 cm/8.0“ WVGA modules have an operating temperature range of -30 to +80 degrees C°, and the NL12880BC20-07F (33.3 cm/12.1“) from -20 to +70 degrees C°. The wide operating ranges of these displays guarantees stable performance even in very low and very high temperature environments. The devices are mercury-free.

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