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The main theme of the event was on EMEA innovation after the pandemic.

Digi-Key president Dave Doherty presented a walkthrough of the newly expanded PDCe (product distribution center expansion); there was a market business development update from Ian Wallace, director of EMEA business development; and finally a roundtable discussion with Hermann Reiter, senior director of global strategic program development and EMEA supplier development and Stephane Ratelet, international API champion at Digi-Key. The roundtable was moderated by Johann Wiesböck, Editor-in-chief for ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS.

A recording of the keynote id now on Digi-Key’s website for those who could not attend the event live.

“With the pandemic creating a significant gap in the annual industry events we all look forward to, the Virtual Keynote Event was designed to bring together the customers and suppliers we’ve been missing,” said Dave Doherty, president of Digi-Key Electronics. “Though it was virtual, we were still able to engage in important industry discussions, like how to drive innovation in a post-pandemic world.”

The virtual keynote event was the first-of-its-kind for Digi-Key in Europe and was attended by customers and suppliers from across the EMEA region.

The EMEA business update portion of the keynote was presented by Ian Wallace, who announced that the market is 8% down in 2020 through Q3, but Digi-Key nad achieved 16% growth, outperforming the market by 24%.

“More recently there have been some more positive signs in markets such as IoT, 5G, IT infrastructure, communications, robotics, AI, factory and home automation, and transportation,” said Ian Wallace, director of EMEA business development for Digi-Key. “Digi-Key is aggressively ordering ahead, increasing our inventory breadth and depth to support our customers as we face additional waves and longer lead times.”

The roundtable looked at several topics, including the outlook for 2021 to business model shifts due to COVID-19, Brexit and digitalization.

“Customers want to be more and more connected to our offerings, and they want to get accurate and up-to-date data, and in real-time,” says Stephane Ratelet, international API champion at Digi-Key. “API is really the game-changer in this context from our point of view, that’s really the future of the market from a digital point of view.”

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