Digi-Key and EAO offer digital product selector tool

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By Ally Winning

EAO’s Digital Product Selector has been developed to offer an interactive and intuitive virtual configuration tool, that allows the easily configuration of products for specific requirements.

The new DPS tool provides an engaging user experience for the selection of emergency stop switches and their configuration. The tool is based on 3D photo realistic selections and parametric inputs. Users are able to view 360-degree images, mounting depths, dimensional representations, illumination previews, and panel mounted views. The are also able to download files such as data sheets designed for specific configuration, CAD drawings, launch installation videos and certifications.

The tool gives access to over 130 parts, which can then be configured in more than 2,000 different combinations. When the emergency stop switch has been configured, it can then be added to a cart and purchased through Digi-Key’s website.

“We are pleased to introduce this new tool to our customers,” said David Stein, vice president, global supplier management at Digi-Key. “Emergency stop switches are a critical component of design engineering, and this tool has a variety of industry applications, from industrial automation to medical equipment and electric vehicle charging stations. We’re proud to support these important industries with critical resources and a simplified shopping experience.”

From switch function to IP ratings and unlocking features, the DPS allows the quick and intuitive selection of switches and supporting accessories, and then the ability to add the end product to the Digi-Key cart and checkout.

The tool is intended to support a variety of industries, including machinery and industrial automation, food and beverage, packaging systems, process automation, lifting and moving, speciality vehicles, transportation, medical equipment, industrial X-ray machines, compressors, printing equipment, EV charging stations and more.

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