Diagnostics over IP for communications modules

Diagnostics over IP for communications modules

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Test system manufacturer Goepel electronic has enhanced the functionality of its series 61xx communications module: The company added the Diagnostic over IP (DoIP) capability to product's feature set.
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The IP protocol implementation has taken place on the basis if ISO standard 13400 Part 2; both ISO/DIS 13400-2:2010 and 2:2012 are supported. The interface cards automatically detect which DoIP version is used.

During diagnosis execution, the interface module represents the external part of the test equipment and communicates with the device under test (DUT) through the internet protocol. As the DUT, typically automotive components are targeted. In this process, the IP address of the communications partner is transmitted automatically.

The DoIP functionality is completely implemented in the G-API (Goepel electronic Application Programming Interface) software which is included with the 61xx communications module. This enables utilising the interface comfortably through any application. Comprehensive timing parameterising options allow tweaking the performance of the unit. The on-board software of the modules opens parameter handling for external sources, thereby facilitating and simplifying manual parameter entries by the user.

The new feature is available for all hardware variants of the 61xx series. It makes use of the existing Ethernet interface which in the past has been used exclusively as a host interface. Both applications – host interface and DoIP – can be activated in parallel, but requires that an Ethernet switch be added to the configuration.

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