Development Board accelerates machine learning designs

Development Board accelerates machine learning designs
Farnell element14 has launched the Ultra96 ARM-based development board, which has been jointly created by Avnet, Xilinx, and 96Boards.
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The board is based on the Linaro 96Boards Consumer Edition specification and features the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC. The 96Boards’ specifications are open and define a standard board layout for development platforms.

The Ultra96 has a broad range of potential peripherals and has programmable logic acceleration engines to help to provide complexity with simplicity. Developers can accelerate the development process for applications that require intense processing and high performance in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, IoT and industrial control.

The Ultra96 boots from the supplied Delkin 16GB MicroSD card, which is preloaded with Embedded Linux. The board includes four user-controllable LEDs. 96Boards-compatible low-speed and high-speed expansion connectors alow the addition of peripheral accessories such as those included in Seeed Studio’s Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards.

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