Data processing engines for the oil and gas industry

Data processing engines for the oil and gas industry

congatec has launched new rugged embedded edge server technologies for use in the digitisation of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry.
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The new embedded edge computing platforms are designed to operate over extended temperature ranges, and they have an option for additional conformal coating for protection against saltwater or condensation. They are intended to provide comprehensive server-class RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) features allow thousands of devices to be managed remotely.

The multicore designs have up to 6 cores and a 25W TDP, making them suitable for fanless operation and therefore they can run maintenance-free in hermetically sealed housings with the highest IP protection. Virtual machines based on RTS hypervisor technologies allow the usage of existing computing resources through partitioning tasks – including local real-time control requirements as well as over Tactile Internet. Virtualization also allows the building of cost-efficient universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE).

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