CSEM joins TowerJazz Design Star Awards Program

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By eeNews Europe

CSEM’s vast experience in ultra-low power design, combined with TowerJazz’ unique specialty processes, allow both companies to serve a wide range of customers targeting European markets. Having designed previously for TowerJazz technologies, CSEM will leverage this expertise for new projects.

“Our customers will have access to TowerJazz’s broad range of process technologies and we will benefit from the rewards and support offered toward engineering services,” said Dr. Dragan Manic, Deputy Division Head, Integrated and Wireless Systems, CSEM. “CSEM is a strong European design center and we look forward to working further with them and their customers through our Design Star Awards Program. As CSEM’s customers manufacture their products at TowerJazz, we will recommend our customers to design their products with CSEM,” said Ori Galzur, TowerJazz Vice President of Design Center and PDK Development.

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