Crystal oscillator driver operates to 230°C

Crystal oscillator driver operates to 230°C

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X-REL Semiconductor, specialist in high reliability and extreme temperature integrated circuits, has added to its clock and timing product line by introducing a low-power, small foot-print crystal oscillator driver, XTR60010, able to reliably operate well below and above the -60°C to +230°C (5 years at +230°C) temperature range.
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Intended for operation in high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime systems, the XTR60010 is specially tailored for crystal oscillators, clock generation, clock buffering, frequency division and precision timing applications, with supply voltages from 2.5V to 5.5V and with crystals from 32 kHz to 50 MHz.

Several functional features have been implemented in the XTR60010 to minimise bill-of-material (BoM) and ease adoption, such as automatic gain control of crystal driver, on-chip crystal load capacitors, customer selectable prescaler and programmable frequency divider.

Being operational at high temperatures is mandatory not only in applications where the environment is at elevated temperature, but also where self-heating of devices within the system increases the temperature inside the application casing. All X-REL Semiconductor products can be used in applications running at lower temperatures (e.g. from 100°C to 200°C) where extended lifetime is expected or where failing is not an option. For example, the expected lifetime of X-REL Semiconductor parts in a driver application operating at Tj=150°C is over 35 years.

XTR60010 devices are available in high-reliability compact hermetic or plastic packages, as well as bare dices.

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