Continued supply of Micron EOL 8G DDR3L SDRAMs

Continued supply of Micron EOL 8G DDR3L SDRAMs

Alliance Memory is now supplying several end-of-life 8G DDR3L SDRAMs for which Micron Technology Inc. announced a last time buy date of Jan. 13, 2019.
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For three of the devices, the company is also offering versions with Alliance Memory part numbers that use the same genuine single-die Micron silicon as the Micron-numbered parts.

The following Micron 8G DDR3L SDRAMs are now available from Alliance Memory:

Micron Part Number                   Alliance Memory Identical Replacement

MT41K512M16HA-107:A             N/A

MT41K512M16HA-107 IT:A          N/A

MT41K512M16HA-125:A              AS4C512M16D3L-12BCN

MT41K1G8SN-125:A                    AS4C1G8MD3L-12BCN

MT41K512M16HA-125 IT:A *        AS4C512M16D3L-12BIN

*Only available in Alliance Memory branded version

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