Configurable embedded SSDs offer over-provisioning flexibility and cost-saving

Configurable embedded SSDs offer over-provisioning flexibility and cost-saving

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Solid-state drives from ATP (Taipei, Taiwan) feature Dynamic Over-provisioning (OP) in mid-density configurable SSDs that offers end users the flexibility to configure embedded SSDs for an array of task-oriented embedded applications and workloads.
By Graham Prophet


Embedded applications often require very different workloads and performance metrics. While other industrial memory suppliers typically set their SSD OP by default at 7% for client drives or 28% for enterprise storage, the lack of flexibility in configuring the OP dynamically may be an in-effective method to use the drive. ATP, in comparison, offers 7%, 14%, 28%, 35%, and even over 50% OP configurations. ATP’s flexibility in offering Dynamic OP enables end users to easily evaluate and implement embedded SSDs based on various workloads and optimize during qualification phase or via in-field performance.


In addition to Dynamic OP, Mid-Density SSDs by ATP offer end users capacity selection distinct from the typical capacities of NAND flash products on the market, such as 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1024 GB (1 TB); ATP’s Mid-Density SSDs are offered in 96 GB, 192 GB, 384 GB, and 768 GB to position between these standard capacities, enabling the end users to easily match suitable product density according to the application needs and at the same time, save cost.


More about Dynamic Overprovisioning and Mid-Density configurations from ATP;



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