Complete electrical-thermal co-simulation for system analysis

Complete electrical-thermal co-simulation for system analysis
Cadence has introduced the Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver, an electrical-thermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic systems.
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The Celsius Thermal Solver is based on a massively parallel architecture that delivers up to 10 times quicker performance than legacy solutions without sacrificing accuracy. It is designed to easily integrate with Cadence IC, package and PCB implementation platforms. This integration allows new system analysis and design insights and enables the detection and mitigation of thermal issues early in the design process.

The Celsius Thermal Solver uses multi-physics technology to address thermal challenges. A combination of finite element analysis (FEA) for solid structures and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for fluids allows the Celsius Thermal Solver to perform a complete system analysis in a single tool. The tool can be used besides the Clarity 3D Solver and Voltus IC Power Integrity and Sigrity technology for PCB and IC packaging, allowing electrical and thermal analysis and simulating the flow of both electricity and heat for a more accurate system-level thermal simulation. In addition, the Celsius Thermal Solver performs both static and dynamic electrical-thermal co-simulations based on the actual flow of electrical power in advanced 3D structures.

Celsius Thermal Solver can accurately simulate large systems with detailed granularity and is the first solution that can model structures as small as the IC and its power distribution together with structures as large as the chassis.

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