Code analysis tool yields metric on project security risk level

Code analysis tool yields metric on project security risk level
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GrammaTech (Ithaca, New York), leading provider of software assurance tools and cyber-security solutions, has added CodeSonar Risk Dashboard to its offering. This capability for IT projects provides executives with an immediate read-out of the level of outstanding security risks in their projects. Thus, they receive data needed to improve decision-making concerning security investments.
By Graham Prophet


The Risk Dashboard allows for the expression of industry standard and project specific metrics based on the warnings reported by CodeSonar. These metrics result in a visualization of the outstanding risk in a project. The Risk Dashboard supports both source and binary analysis. It can be used to measure risks during the software development phase and in deployment environments.


“Our customers have relied on CodeSonar to analyze source code during the Software Development Life Cycle for many years.” said Mark Hermeling, Senior Director of Product Marketing at GrammaTech. “The Risk Dashboard, combined with CodeSonar Binary Analysis, gives deployment teams a way to measure outstanding risks in applications before deploying these applications into their IT or embedded environments. This is an exciting new capability that will transform the way software is assessed and will lead to more secure software systems.”


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