Choice of 10 industrial fieldbuses on one TI comms controller

Choice of 10 industrial fieldbuses on one TI comms controller

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Texas Instruments presents this SoC as driving down the cost of multi-protocol industrial Ethernet communication; based on a Sitara processor core, the AMIC110 is a multiprotocol industrial communication processor that provides a ready-to-use solution supporting more than 10 industrial Ethernet and fieldbus communication standards.
By Graham Prophet


The device employs TI’s unified software platform, Processor SDK, and the programmability of TI’s industrial communications subsystem (PRU-ICSS) for industrial communication support in factory automation and control applications. It helps developers convert existing non-networked designs such as motor drives to networked systems by adding industrial Ethernet. Unlike ASICs, which may only support a single industrial Ethernet standard, AMIC110 SoC’s programmable real-time unit (PRU-ICSS) supports many different protocols including EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS master and slave, HSR, PRP, POWERLINK, SERCOS III, and CANopen; TI promises that more are in development. As the market moves to Industry 4.0, a programmable solution opens the door for designs to support more standards with no or minimal hardware changes.


Built on the Sitara processor platform that features flexible peripherals, industrial temperature ranges and unified software support, the AMIC110 SoC was developed for industrial designers. The Sitara AMIC110 SoC can serve as a companion communication device to a microcontroller (MCU) such as TI’s C2000 MCU, for connected drive applications. Using the C2000 MCU LaunchPad development kit and the AMIC110 industrial communication engine (ICE) development board, developers can create a highly integrated and scalable Industry 4.0-ready solution. Available at launch is the EtherCAT Slave and Multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet Reference Design. In addition to the AMIC110, this reference design also showcases the DP83822 PHY device, suited for Industrial Ethernet applications. TI has also posted the “Making industrial communication easy with AMIC110 SoC” blog post.


The AMIC110 SoC is prices at $6.00 (1,000).





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