Chip-scale bi-directional MOSFET for lithium battery protection

Chip-scale bi-directional MOSFET for lithium battery protection

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The DMN2023UCB4 bi-directional MOSFET provides enhanced protection for charging 1- and 2-cell lithium batteries. Its low on-state resistance reduces power loss while its thin chip-scale packaging allows designers to use the space saved to increase battery capacity.
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Designed to minimise on-state resistance, the DMN2023UCB4 delivers an Rds(on) of less than 26 mOhm. Its dual N-channel common-drain configuration suits the charging circuits required for 1- and 2-cell lithium batteries, which commonly use a low-side battery switch. For applications requiring a high-side connection, Diodes Incorporated also offers the DMP2100UCB9, which provides a dual P-channel common-source MOSFET design.

The above features coupled with a chip-scale package footprint of just 1.8 x 1.8 mm and a thickness of under 0.4 mm, suit this bi-directional MOSFET to battery management, load switch and battery protection applications where smaller form factors are important. Other features include a gate threshold voltage of less than 1V, which is important to fully enhance the channel under low voltage operation, and built-in gate protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) voltages of over 2kV.

DMN2023UCB4 and DMP2100UCB9 are priced respectively at $0.25 and $0.35 (10,000).

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