China Unicom buys u-blox timing for base station roll-out

China Unicom buys u-blox timing for base station roll-out

u-blox is to provide critical timing technology for China Unicom’s 4G network, which will provide the platform for the rollout of 5G.
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At the start of this year, China Unicom announced it intended to prurchase 416,000 4G base stations, to extend network’s reach, and strengthen its voice, data and IoT support. Although the base stations are meant to extend China Unicom’s 4G infrastructures, they will meet stricter timing accuracy requirements of 5G to provide a smooth upgrade path. 5G networks will offer latencies of less than 1ms (compared with 10ms for 4G), ten times greater connection densities than 4G, and peak data rates of up to 20Gbit/s, twenty times more than 4G. Each of these factors demands greater timing accuracy to ensure availability, latency and scalability for the 5G network.

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