CEVA audio DSP now supports Dolby MS12 multistream decoder

CEVA audio DSP now supports Dolby MS12 multistream decoder

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CEVA has announced it will support the Dolby MS12 Multistream Decoder on the CEVA-BX2 audio DSP.
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Dolby MS12 is a complete and cost-effective solution to cut the complexity of integrating multiple audio technologies into consumer devices. The standard supports the decoding of premium audio content including Dolby Atmos, and Dolby AC-4.

CEVA’s approved implementation of Dolby MS12 on the company’s CEVA-BX2 DSP will give developers the ability to integrate Dolby technologies, including Dolby Atmos and Dolby AC-4 into new products. It is also possible to run additional software on the CEVA-BX2 DSP.

“CEVA continues to be at the forefront of audio/voice innovation, having powered more than 7 billion audio/voice devices to date,” said Moshe Sheier, Vice President of Marketing at CEVA. “The addition of Dolby MS12 to the broad range of software packages optimized and approved for our DSPs will enable our OEM and semiconductor customers to accelerate the development of their products to support Dolby audio technologies. We are excited to announce this milestone and look forward to helping our mutual customers bring their smart and connected multimedia products to market and take advantage of the incredible audio experience we are enabling together.”

The CEVA-BX2 DSP is a high-performance audio/voice and AI capable DSP that was developed for intensive audio applications including multichannel audio decode, far-field noise reduction and AI-based speech recognition and sound analytics. The device is aimed at high performance audio. It uses quad 32X32-bit MACs and octal 16X16-bit MACs, that feature an enhanced capability to support 16×8-bit and 8×8-bit MAC operations. Its 11-stage pipeline and 5-way VLIW micro-architecture support parallel processing with dual scalar compute engines, load/store and program control at up to 2 GHz on the TSMC 7nm process node. The CEVA-BX2 ISA features support for SIMD and optional floating-point units for high accuracy algorithms. CEVA-BX2 is supported by a comprehensive software development tool chain, including an advanced LLVM compiler, eclipse-based debugger, DSP and neural network compute libraries, neural network frameworks support and RTOS.

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