CAUI-4 100G Ethernet compliance test software; ‘most comprehensive’ available

CAUI-4 100G Ethernet compliance test software; ‘most comprehensive’ available

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Keysight Technologies presents its latest software application as the most comprehensive compliance offering for testing electrical characteristics of 100G four-lane attachment unit interface (CAUI-4) networking applications. The software supports the IEEE 802.3bm standard, which accommodates optical networking advances and enables higher density applications.
By Graham Prophet


The package automates testing of 100G four-lane attachment unit interface (CAUI-4) applications, in the form of apps which operate on real-time and equivalent-time (sampling) oscilloscopes. For real-time Infiniium Z-Series oscilloscopes with 63 GHz bandwidth, the N1082A-4TP CAUI-4 compliance software application (for 86100D DCA-X sampling oscilloscopes) helps network design engineers accelerate turn-on and debug of 100G Ethernet networking systems. Automatic execution of physical layer tests ensures accurate results while reducing test times from hours to minutes.


The N8841A and N1082A-4TP software applications provide automated test scripts that allow quick and reliable testing of chip-to-chip and chip-to-module channels at specified test points. Engineers can automate both software applications to run over extended periods of time as well as add their incremental user-defined tests if desired.


The N1082A-4TP works with 86100D DCA-X oscilloscopes. This scope combines low-noise, high-bandwidth receivers with an acquisition system that is suited for accurate characterization of high-speed digital signals. The N1082A-4TP’s measurement capabilities are supported by a variety of DCA plug-in modules, such as the 86108B 50-GHz precision waveform analyzer module; N1045A 60-GHz module; or N1055A 50-GHz TDR/TDT module.


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