Capacitors for very high temperature environments

Capacitors for very high temperature environments

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Kemet’s High Temperature Radial Moulded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors function in extreme environments and high temperature up to 200 Celsius.
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These capacitors are designed specifically to withstand the severe shock and vibration conditions associated with deep-well and horisontal drilling activities, and are also well-suited for use in geophysical probes, hybrid and electric motor drives, aerospace engine compartments and defence applications. The gold-plated lead wires of these components help withstand extreme temperatures while the epoxy moulded case provides environmental protection and mechanical durability.

“As high temperature electronic module complexity increases, the size reduction of components becomes more and more critical,” said Dr. Abhijit Gurav, Kemet Vice President of Ceramic Technology. “These new capacitors are typically smaller in size than competitor radial moulded capacitors, allowing for significant downsizing and replacement opportunities. In addition, their C0G dielectric platform is RoHS compliant, exhibits high breakdown strength, low leakage, low losses and negligible loss of capacitance as temperatures and applied voltages rise to their rated values.”


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