Cadence gets EDA flow certification for TSMC N6 and N5 processes

Cadence gets EDA flow certification for TSMC N6 and N5 processes

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Cadence has further enhanced its digital full flow and custom/analog tool suites to provide optimal results on TSMC’s N6 and N5 process technologies.
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Both Cadence tool suites achieved Design Rule Manual (DRM) and SPICE certification for TSMC’s latest N6 and N5 process nodes. The advancements allow next-generation mobile application development at N6 and N5 and hyperscale application development on N5 with updated reference flows and methodologies. Cadence and TSMC will continue to work with customers on production designs on TSMC’s advanced processes including N7, N6 and N5.

The certified tool suites have been developed to support the Cadence Intelligent System Design strategy. Cadence’s integrated flow ensures it is convergent and that all tools work together seamlessly. The N6 and N5 process design kits (PDKs) can now be downloaded for design projects.
Cadence has also made improvements to the company’s fully integrated digital full flow to ensure continued certification on TSMC’s N6 and N5 process technologies. The improvements to Cadence digital full flow bring enhanced physical optimization and timing signoff closure. The product includes the Innovus Implementation System, Liberate Characterization, Liberate Variety Statistical Characterization, Quantus Extraction Solution, Tempus Timing Signoff Solution, Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution and Pegasus Verification System. The Genus Synthesis Solution and its latest predictive iSpatial technology is also enabled for those process nodes for mobile and hyperscale designs.

The Cadence digital and signoff tool suite and available reference flows help achieve better power, performance and area (PPA) for designs on TSMC’s N6 and N5 process technologies. Updated tool suite improvements include enhanced EUV layer support, a new chip integration checker for floorplan design rules, and additions to via pillar, autoNDR and advanced MIMCAP support.

N6 and N5 Custom/Analog Tool Suite Certification
The Cadence custom/analog tool suite has also been certified on TSMC’s N6 and N5 process technologies. The certification includes the Virtuoso custom IC design platform, consisting of the Virtuoso Schematic Editor, Virtuoso Layout Suite and Virtuoso ADE Product Suite, the Voltus-Fi Custom Power Integrity Solution, and the Spectre Circuit Simulation Platform, including the new Spectre X Simulator.

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