Boundary scan controller with a wireless LAN interface up to 450Mbps

Boundary scan controller with a wireless LAN interface up to 450Mbps

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Goepel electronics' SFX/WSL1149-(x) are claimed to be the first controllers for the company’s Boundary Scan hardware platform, equipped with Wireless LAN.
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The new Boundary Scan controller series provides a Triple Stream/Dual Band WLAN interface for theoretical transmission speed up to 450 Mbps, enabling wireless utilization of the newest Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies for testing, programming and debugging of complex chips, boards, and entire systems.
The SFX/WSL1149-(x) controller series is compatible with IEEE standard 802.11a/b/g/n. Additionally, the module provides USB2.0 and Gbit Ethernet interfaces. The controller series includes three models of different performance classes to be configured by software, enabling TCK frequencies of up to 80 MHz. In combination with additional components of the modular SCANFLEX product range, such as the Scanflex TAP Transceiver (SFX Transceiver) and Scanflex I/O modules (SFX Modules), WLAN controlled Boundary Scan systems can be configured with up to eight independent parallel TAPs and up to 31 additional analogue or digital functional modules. The wireless operation greatly simplifies handling, providing benefits for remote test, debug and fault diagnosis applications.

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