BLE IP certified with Ellisys Bluetooth Compliance Tester

BLE IP certified with Ellisys Bluetooth Compliance Tester

CEVA announced that it has completed compliance and interoperability testing of the company’s Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (LE) IP, including all of the protocol’s optional new features using the Ellisys Bluetooth Qualifier (EBQ) Compliance Tester.
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The testing will ensure the CEVA IP can offer full industry-standard compatibility and interoperability for Bluetooth certified products. The new features tested include long range, 2Mbps data rate and Advertising Extensions.

The CEVA RivieraWaves Bluetooth platforms enable solutions for both Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth dual-mode connectivity with each platform providing both the hardware baseband controller and the software protocol stack. The flexible radio interface allows the platforms to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF or partners’ RF IP, enabling a wide selection of foundries and process nodes.

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