Bi-colour LED in smaller-outline package

Bi-colour LED in smaller-outline package

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Rohm Semiconductor has packaged 2-colour LEDs in what it believes to be the smallest-available format, 1608 size. SML-D22MUW ultra-compact low profile 2-colour-chip LEDs feature, in addition to their size, a design that improves reliability along with a backside electrode configuration that supports high-resolution displays.
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Simplifying colour-changing display design, Rohm has integrated two chips in the same package size as conventional single-colour LEDs, for multiple colours from a smaller footprint. Board space is reduced by 35% over standard 1.5 x 1.3 mm 2-colour LEDs, contributing to thinner displays. And after taking into consideration usage conditions during reflow, countermeasures were adopted that prevents solder penetration within the resin package to ensure greater reliability.


The SML-D22MUW uses Rohm’s PICOLED mounting and wire bonding technologies to mount red and green dice in a 1.6 x 0.8 mm package – the same size as conventional single-colour LEDs. Close proximity of colour elements results in excellent colour mixing properties that make it possible to produce not only red and green colours, but a range of intermediate colours as well. A backside electrode design allows mounting in narrow spaces, enabling high-definition display in dot matrix and other applications.


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