Batteryless IoT a reality with BLE multi-sensor platform

Batteryless IoT a reality with BLE multi-sensor platform

ON Semiconductor has introduced the solar cell powered RSL10 Multi-Sensor Platform, which allows the development of IoT sensor clusters with BLE communications and no need for batteries.
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The RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor Platform is centred on the RSL10 SIP, a complete SiP solution with the RSL10 radio, integrated antenna and all passive components. The platform adds a solar cell and a low power Bosch Sensortec sensors to the RSL10 SIP. Sensors include the BME280 all-in-one environmental sensor (pressure, temperature, humidity) and the BMA400 ultra-low-power 3-axis accelerometer. The platform will allow the development of complete IoT nodes that are entirely powered through energy harvested from the sensor’s surroundings.

The platform is supplied with all design files (Gerber, schematic and BoM) and customisable source code as part of a CMSIS software package.

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