Barely-visible discrete transistors reduce PCB space

Barely-visible discrete transistors reduce PCB space

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Claimed as the first DFN0606-packaged NPN and PNP transistors, and occupying a board space of 0.36 mm², the transistors are 40% smaller than directly competing DFN1006 (SOT883) parts and deliver the same or better electrical performance.
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With an off-board height of 0.4 mm, they are suited for wearable technology as well as other space-constrained consumer products. Diodes Incorporated’s initial DFN0606 bipolar transistor offerings are two NPN and PNP devices with power dissipation up to 830 mW.

The 40V-rated MMBT3904FZ and MMBT3906FZ boost power density and also provide a 200 mA collector current; while the 45V-rated BC847BFZ and BC857BFZ provide a collector current of 100 mA. All devices switch on at a base-emitter voltage of less than 1V, enabling them to be fully turned on under conditions of very low portable power.

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