Located in Hall 3A booth 221 besides its Avnet partner companies, Avnet Silica’s space will feature demos focused around two areas: AI and machine learning (ML) technologies and applications; and important technology areas including connectivity, sensing, security, power, memory and software and services.

The AI and machine learning-based demos feature:

• Image, video and sound analytics

• Speech and audio processing

• Condition monitoring and predictive analytics

• On-premises and cloud solutions including services

• Sensor-to-cloud communications.

This zone will include demos on a Renesas AI-based image-processing microprocessor for applications such as networked cameras, service robots and industrial machinery; facial recognition and voice control technology from NXP; handwriting character recognition and acoustic classification technology from STMicroelectronics; plus, an AI multicamera solution featuring Xilinx.

Demonstrations in the second ‘key technologies’ zone area will include:

• An industrial network demo from Marvell Technology including sensor data, digital factory data and Ethernet network traffic; and Maxim’s I/O Link transceivers

• Wireless connectivity, including: ON Semiconductor’s ultra-low power narrowband sub-gigahertz wireless MCU; a Nordic Semiconductor solution based around the ‘Thingy’ development platform and wireless MCUs for IoT (NB-IoT) and Bluetooth (BLE) communications; a LoRa-based solution from Renesas and Miromico for low-power WAN communications; and Dialog´s products for WiFi and BLE

• Security, including the EdgeLock ‘Plug & Trust’ secure element family from NXP; the SAML11 secure MCU from Microchip; and a demonstration from Avnet Silica, developed in conjunction with ECSO, on a security platform designed to meet the European Cybersecurity Act

• Specialist memory technology from Micron and SanDisk aimed at the IoT and automotive applications, respectively

• A selection of power semiconductor devices and technologies from Maxim, ON Semiconductor, Renesas, ROHM and STMicroelectronics

• Software and service solutions from leading providers including Infineon, NXP and Xilinx

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