The kit has uses multiple Renesas’ components, including the company’s Synergy MCUs and sensors and power management components.

The number of applications where LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a compelling option has been expansing quickly. These applications include key markets that use existing and new LoRa networks in smart factories and building automation, as well as a range of smart healthcare, transportation, logistics and supply-chain tracking, agriculture and retail applications. The new development kit uses the LoRaWAN protocol, which supports low-power devices that may require a battery life of several years.

The MiniPOC Kit includes a LoRaWAN gateway, multi-sensor monitoring with nine different sensor technologies, and also everything needed for cloud connectivity through the IoTConnect platform, including the LoRaWAN network server, device management, visualisation and control, and data analytics.

The Avnet Silica turnkey low-power multi-sensor solution is designed to enable the majority of LoRaWAN-based use cases and comes with a full software stack and the use of CE-certified hardware, including sensors for humidity, temperature, ambient light, air quality and air pressure, plus added microphone, digital accelerometer, digital gyroscope and inductive proximity sensor for positioning information, enabling proof-of-concept to begin right out of the box.

The board uses the Renesas Synergy S3A6 MCU for powering the LoRaWAN module, Synergy S124 application MCU, HS3004 humidity and temperature, ISL29035 ambient-light, ZMOD4410 air-quality and ZMID5202AE1R inductive proximity sensors, as well as the ISL88014 voltage supervisor and ISL9122A buck/boost regulator for advanced power management.

“This new miniPOC kit enables developers to start work on delivering proof-of-concept for their IoT use cases within minutes of opening up the box,” said Frank Hansen, VP Technical Marketing & Resources at Avnet Silica. “The combination of low-power hardware, leading-edge LoRaWAN connectivity and Avnet´s IoTConnect cloud platform offers a ready-made and highly scalable solution for customers working on innovative new IoT use cases.”

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