Automotive non-volatile FRAM-family now in 64Kbit

Automotive non-volatile FRAM-family now in 64Kbit

Fujitsu has launched the MB85RS64VY automotive FRAM, which has a temperature range of up to 125°C and a 64Kbit size and an SPI interface with a maximum operating frequency of 33MHz.
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The device is qualified to AEC-Q100 and targets both the automotive market and industrial automation applications. The MB85RS64VY ranges has an operating voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V. This small FRAM product offers a cost-effective alternative to other members of the automotive FRAM family. It comes along in SOP-8 (for the automotive and industrial market) and SON-8 packages (for the industrial market).

FRAM is fast, durable and non-volatile, providing an ideal solution for choice between RAM and ROM. It is possible to store logging data directly to the memory, without any additional data transfer from RAM to ROM.

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