Atrenta and TSMC announce SpyGlass IP Kit 2.0 availability

Atrenta and TSMC announce SpyGlass IP Kit 2.0 availability

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Atrenta together with TSMC has announced the planned availability of IP Kit 2.0, based on the SpyGlass RTL design platform.
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IP Kit is a fundamental element of TSMC’s soft IP9000 Quality Assessment program that assesses the robustness and completeness of soft, or synthesizable IP. IP Kit 2.0 has undergone extensive beta testing by TSMC soft IP alliance partners and will be fully supported on TSMC-Online and available to all TSMC’s soft IP alliance partners on Nov. 20, 2012.

TSMC’s soft IP quality assessment program is a joint effort between TSMC and Atrenta to deploy a series of SpyGlass checks that create detailed reports of the completeness and robustness of soft IP. Currently, over 15 soft IP suppliers have been qualified through the program. IP Kit 2.0 represents an enhanced set of checks that adds physical implementation data (e.g., area, timing and congestion) and advanced formal lint checks (e.g., X-assignment, dead code detection). IP Kit 2.0 also allows easier integration into the end user’s design flow and enhanced IP packaging options.

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