In response to the demand for real-time higher image quality in those devices, today Arm is announcing a new generation of image signal processors (ISPs), the Arm Mali-C52 and Mali-C32 ISPs. Creating “digital eyes” for processing real-time higher-quality images to give viewers the truest sense of an environment is among the many challenges faced by the Arm ecosystem, and according to our estimates demand for IoT devices with embedded vision capabilities is growing rapidly – explains ARM.

The new ISPs encompass:

  • New Arm Mali-C52 and Mali-C32 image signal processors (ISPs) provide industry-leading image quality, a complete software package, and full set of calibration and tuning tools
  • Higher image quality for everyday devices including drones, smart home assistants and security, and internet protocol (IP) cameras
  • New applications can now take advantage of the unique capabilities of Arm Iridix technology, proven in more than 2 billion devices today


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