Arduino-based rapid development platform for thermal imaging and IR sensing

By eeNews Europe

The board is intended to be used for the rapid development of smart system and IoT applications including presence detection, people detection, remote safety monitoring and measurement and preventive maintenance. The platform is an Arduino-compatible thermal imaging shield, which used the Melexis MLX90640 infrared sensor with a 32×24 array of IR photodetector pixels. The board also includes a Panasonic PaPIR pyroelectric infrared sensor.

The thermal imaging board’s outputs connect to an edge computing board through an I2C interface.

The edge computing board is powered by an NXP i.MX RT crossover processor, which runs driver software for the MLX90640 and PaPIR sensors as well as for a Tianma 4.3” LCD colour monitor. Sample code, based on the Arm MBED operating system, will be supplied with the board.

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