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For smart helmet applications being developed by industry leaders, the MonoHUD provides motorcycle and bike riders with distraction-free content directly in their line of sight, so they can keep their eyes focused on the road ahead. Bike speed, gear change, fuel and oil level status can all be monitored, along with maps, real-time accident warnings, music and other non-distractive smartphone applications-all without looking down at their smartphone.

In addition to the new two-layer display that replaces the original three-layer design, DigiLens announced it has begun using a new inkjet coating manufacturing process with significantly increased throughput.

The company expects both innovations will lead to more parts from the manufacturing line, higher contrast and significantly less cost. According to the startup, the high efficiency waveguide allows riders to see crystal-clear terrain, mixed with daylight-bright content ideal for outdoor applications.

Young Optics, a leading display manufacturer, is one of the first to license the DigiLens MonoHUD, and will soon be supplying it at high volume. Sena, an industry leader in Bluetooth communications for motorcycle and action sports, is working with Young Optics to integrate the DigiLens display and its communication system into helmets to allow riders to view their phone and dash information through the display.

The MonoHUD AR display offers full colour, HD image resolution and an unobscured user field-of-view of 105°, and AR display field-of-view of 25° diagonal. It has a maximum brightness of 8,000 nits and up to eight hours of battery life due to its excellent waveguide efficiency.

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