Amazon Launches FreeRTOS Libraries for IoT developers

Amazon Launches FreeRTOS Libraries for IoT developers

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Amazon has launched an open source software platform that will enable IoT developers to link edge devices to the Cloud easily.
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The company claims that existing embedded operating systems don’t have the inherent capability to naturally connect to other local devices or to the Cloud. To provide this easy connectivity, Amazon has built additional libraries for the popular FreeRTOS kernel. The libraries will allow developers to easily configure their edge devices to use popular IoT networking protocols, such as Ethernet or WiFi, to connect to the Cloud or other edge devices. If two edge devices use Amazon’s Greengrass Core they can keep communicating, even if connectivity to the Cloud is lost.

As well as networking capabilities, Amazon FreeRTOS also includes the full core operating system and additional libraries to enhance security. The new security libraries include both data encryption and key management, as well as support for TLS v1.2. A code signing feature will also be added in the near term to ensure code integrity during deployment and updates.

TI is one of the first developers to provide a hardware solution for Amazon FreeRTOS by supporting the software on its SimpleLink MCUs. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3220SF wireless MCU LaunchPad development kit includes Amazon FreeRTOS, and offers embedded security features such as secure storage, cloning protection, secure bootloading and networking security.

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