Aldec TySOM EDKs are AWS IoT Greengrass qualified

Aldec TySOM EDKs are AWS IoT Greengrass qualified

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Aldec has announced that the company’s TySOM family of Xilinx Zynq SoC-based Embedded Development Kits (EDKs) are AWS IoT Greengrass qualified.
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AWS IoT Greengrass has been developed to extend Amazon Web Services (AWS) to edge devices and allow them to act locally on data, but still use cloud functionality to manage, analyze, and store the data. AWS IoT Greengrass allows connected devices to run AWS Lambda functions, Docker containers, or both, execute predictions based on machine learning models, keep device data in sync, and communicate with other devices securely, even if there is no connection to the Internet.

“With our TySOM embedded development kits now AWS IoT Greengrass Core qualified, we have made it even easier for engineers to include reprogrammable hardware working alongside software in their IoT / cloud-based applications. This is all thanks to our TySOM kits featuring devices with powerful ARM processors, having plenty of FPGA space and a wealth of communication peripherals,” comments Zibi Zalewski, General Manager of Aldec’s Hardware Division.

The TySOM EDKs had to pass the requirement tests for AWS IoT Greengrass to earn the qualification. The qualificaion means that TySOM users now have access to the hardware and software required to build IoT applications using AWS IoT Greengrass. The TySOM boards are capable of being used the main edge processing device or as a gateway to AWS.

AWS IoT Greengrass Core extends cloud capabilities to the TySOM EDK, connecting it with other devices in an IoT system, running Lambda functions, and syncing and securing communications among devices, if they are connected to the Internet / Cloud or not.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is changing many aspects of our society and it’s inherently increasing the need to connect more people and IoT devices,” said Nick Ni, director of product marketing, AI, Software and Ecosystem at Xilinx. “AWS IoT Greengrass has come a long way to prepare a cloud-based foundation for developers of IoT systems who are struggling with challenges such as security, steady communication, performance and power consumption. With the recent qualification of Aldec’s TySOM boards, an easy-to-use Xilinx Zynq SoC-based embedded development kit, developers can further innovate using the power, performance, and flexibility of an FPGA device for IoT applications”.

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