Aldec Spec-TRACER now provides complete traceability

Aldec Spec-TRACER now provides complete traceability

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The 2019.3 release of Aldec’s Spec-TRACER boosts the efficiency of teams designing for safety-critical applications for which complete traceability must be provided.
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The 2019.3 release contains a relational database, in order to support multiple users at once, within which there are repositories of project examples. Other new features include a Comma Separated Value (CSV) parser for capturing traceability data from more source documents, the Aldec Coverage Database (ACDB) parser for capturing the verification plan together with coverage results, and an IBM DOORS parser for capturing traceability links and hierarchical relationships. Also, modifications made in external documents and captured by the Spec-TRACER parser can now be easily observed against the previous version. Spec-TRACER continues to provide users with a choice on where artifacts, such as design data, functional specifications and project documentation, are maintained; either in the native editors – such as a text editor, Word, Excel or a DOORS module – or within Spec-TRACER. The tool better support team-based projects when working on designs that must be certified to safety standards such as DO-254.

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