8-bit MCU platform supports motor control development

8-bit MCU platform supports motor control development

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Supplied with a complete library of software for implementing space vector modulation, Future Electronics’ SPINnaker is a motor control daughter board for low cost SPACE-Vector-Modulation build for the STMicroelectronics Nucleo-8S208RB kit.
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It is supplied with an intuitive PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) to support motor control project development. The SPINnaker daughterboard is well suited for the rapid prototyping of motor control applications based on the use of an 8-bit MCU. The SPINnaker board implements the space vector modulation (SVM) method of motor control, a technique which is usually not suited to 8-bit MCUs. The motor control software running on the STM8S MCU occupies a small Flash memory footprint of less than 8kbytes and requires less than 1.5kbytes of RAM. It includes a unique algorithm for speed control and flux reduction, and controls motor position at a resolution of 384 steps per revolution. The SPINnaker development board will be available at the in Q2 2019 free of charge to qualified customers of Future Electronics. The board is supplied with hardware and software design files and a PC GUI.

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