50V/4.5A stepper motor drivers boost accuracy, cut losses

50V/4.5A stepper motor drivers boost accuracy, cut losses

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Toshiba’s latest stepping motor drivers detect excessive load on a motor and automatically adjust power to the motor to accommodate this load. TB67S249FTG and TB67S279FTG enable motors to move with precision at rapid speeds under various loads while minimising power consumption, heat generation, and system costs.
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Toshiba anticipates uses in robotics, precision manufacturing and 3D printing applications that require stable, precise and high speed control. The ICs incorporate the company’s anti-stall and active gain control (AGC) technology, guarding motors from stalling and possible damage. The AGC technology constantly monitors motor torque and automatically optimises motor current to meet load requirements without the need for an additional microcontroller. By operating at nominal currents instead of high currents, these devices reduce motor power and heat by up to 80% when compared with existing products without the AGC function, while maintaining motor precision and efficiency under a wide variety of workloads and speeds.


With a maximum operating voltage of 50V, the TB67S249FTG drives 4.5A maximum current, while the TB67S279FTG has a current rating of 2.0A. These motor drivers include Toshiba’s Advanced Current Detection System (ACDS), which eliminates the need for a sense resistor.


To decrease noise and vibration, these devices offer step resolutions of full, half, quarter, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 steps, enabling fast, precise movements. They also identify a variety of error conditions (thermal, over-current, under-voltage lock out, and motor load open detection) that improve system safety and reliability. In a QFN48 (7 x 7 mm) package, all three devices are pin compatible.


Toshiba Electronics Europe; www.toshiba.semicon-storage.com



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