45V/0.5Ω advanced motion-control IC for smoother, quieter motor operation

45V/0.5Ω advanced motion-control IC for smoother, quieter motor operation

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STMicroelectronics’ latest motor driver IC maximises precision and promises finer motion control for laboratory automation, industrial robots, 3D printers, among other applications. It enhances reliability while low power consumption satisfies energy-efficiency demands.
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The STSPIN820 is a dedicated stepper-motor driver with 256-microstep resolution. It operates from a supply voltage between 7V and 45V. The maximum output RMS current of 1.5A gives designers flexibility to satisfy various power and torque requirements. It employs ST’s Smart Power technology, which integrates motor-control logic featuring a high-precision micro-stepping algorithm with a low-RDS(ON) fully protected power stage in a single device. It provides familiar step-clock and direction-input pins thereby simplifying connection to a host processor or microcontroller. A dedicated Standby pin allows the device to be put in low-power mode to minimize consumption in energy-conscious applications.


Over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection are also built in, allowing the device to withstand harsh industrial environments, and further helping to reduce circuit complexity, component count, and bill-of-materials costs.


ST’s STSPIN820 IC enables the next generations of stepper-motor-based robots to achieve even greater smoothness and silence, with smaller size, greater precision, and lower power consumption. With high-speed inputs and precise micro-stepping algorithm, it can turn a motor by a fraction of a degree to move (for example) a 3D printer’s head at a speed of more than 500 mm/sec, with submicron precision, to create parts very quickly and with incredible surface finish, or control extremely precise movements like sample loading, capping/decapping, and storage/retrieval in next-generation clinical automation systems.


In a 4 x 4 mm QFN package, and containing both the control intelligence and fully protected power components (rated 45V and 500 mΩ RDS(ON)) for driving the motor, the chip is presented as the smallest available all-in-one high-precision controller. It is priced at $1.25 (1000), and there is an evaluation board, the STSPIN X-NUCLEO-IHM14A1.


STMicroelectronics; www.st.com



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