3rd party debug probes now supported in Embedded Studio

3rd party debug probes now supported in Embedded Studio

SEGGER has added support for third-party debug probes using the GDB protocol in the company’s Embedded Studio V4.20 release.
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The new release is suitable for any debug probe with a GDB Server and has been included in all editions, including for ARM, Cortex-M, and RISC-V, on Windows, macOS, and Linux 32- and 64-bit platforms.

Embedded Studio has been designed to automatically launch the 3rd party GDB Server at the start of the debug session. Port number, host and protocol features can be configured for flexibility. GDB Server software is executed in a separate process and therfore has no effect on the stability of Embedded Studio.

The new implementation is ready to work with J-Link GDB Server, OpenOCD and ST-LINK GDB Server on Windows.

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