30cm-wide 198ppi electronic paper module

30cm-wide 198ppi electronic paper module

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Japan Display Inc. announced it has developed 30cm-wide high resolution electronic paper (ePaper) electronic shelf labels (ESL), boasting a resolution of 2242×335 pixels across a 287.6×43.0mm display area (with a diagonal size of 11.45-inch).
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The 30cm-wide three-color module is based on the long-term strategic alliance with E Ink Holdings Inc. for the ePaper business. Through the alliance with E Ink, JDI is now delivering samples of this ePaper and plans to start commercial shipments as early as the third quarter 2018.

JDI’s ePaper is a reflective display with visual qualities equivalent to traditional paper, combined with the advantages of electronic updating. The 30cm-wide display can show information for multiple merchandise items on one display. While most of the existing ESLs used in Europe and the United States where alphabetical characters are used have a resolution ranging from 110ppi to 130ppi, the newly-developed 198ppi ePaper will meet the needs of the Asian regions, with higher resolution to display complex characters, such as Chinese and Japanese characters.

Japan Display – www.j-display.com

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