25V n-channel power MOSFET has 0.58 mΩ on-resistance

25V n-channel power MOSFET has 0.58 mΩ on-resistance

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Vishay Intertechnology has added a 25V n-channel TrenchFET Gen IV power MOSFET that claims the lowest maximum on-resistance for such a device: 0.58 mΩ at 10V.
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The Vishay Siliconix SiRA20DP offers the lowest gate charge and gate charge times on-resistance figure of merit (FOM) for devices with on-resistance below 0.6 mΩ. It features low gate charge of 61 nC and is packaged in a 6 by 5 mm PowerPAK SO-8 single package.


The device is one of the only two 25V MOSFETs available, the company asserts, with maximum on-resistance below 0.6 mΩ. It offers a 32 % lower FOM of 0.035 Ω*nC; all other 25V n-channel MOSFETs feature on-resistance that is 11 % higher or more.


The SiRA20DP’s low on-resistance minimizes conduction power losses to improve system efficiency and enable higher power density, which is ideal for OR-ring functions in redundant power architectures. The device’s low FOM enhances switching performance for DC/DC conversion in telecom and server power supplies, battery switching in battery systems, and load switching for 5 V to 12 V input rails.


Vishay Intertechnology; www.vishay.com



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