256GB memory module offers multiple access options

256GB memory module offers multiple access options

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Smart Modular Technologies has developed a 3.0” 256GB Gen-Z memory module that supports multiple access semantics, byte and block addressable DRAM access, in-band configuration, and access key/region key memory isolation opcodes.
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The 3.0” memory module follows the industry-standard enterprise and datacenter SSD 3” form factor from SNIA (4C SFF-TA-1008/9). The unit supports 30GB/s of data bandwidth with 400ns deterministic access latency running in Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell Gen-Z enabled rack servers. The Gen-Z scalable computing interconnect protocol provides a simplified interface based on memory semantics and is designed to handle advance workloads, enabling data-centric computing with scalable memory pools and resources for real-time analytics and in-memory applications. Smart’s DDR4 256GB ZMM uses a Gen-Z DRAM Memory Controller ASSP developed by IntelliProp and uses a high density DDR4 32Gb 3DS 4-high DRAMs provided by Samsung.

Smart Modular – www.smartm.com

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