24-bit ADC for industrial process control systems | Analog devices

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The high voltage inputs of the AD4110-1 are fully software configurable for current or voltage signals, allowing direct interface to all standard industrial analog signal sources. One reference design replaces many, reducing module size and decreasing cost of ownership. Software-configurable I/O is a key factor in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

The AD4110-1 is available today in 40-lead LFCSP packages. Key features include:

  • Integrated, fully differential programmable gain amplifier (PGA) that offers 16 gain settings from 0.2 to 24
  • Provides internal, front-end diagnostic functions to indicate overvoltage, undervoltage, open wire, overcurrent, and overtemperature conditions.
  • The high voltage input is thermally protected, overcurrent limited, and overvoltage protected.

The EVAL-AD4110-1SDZ evaluates the features of the AD4110-1 analog front end (AFE). The software executable file of the PC controls the AD4110-1 via USB through the system demonstration platform (SDP) board. The SDP-B board controls the evaluation board and can be connected to the USB port of any PC running Windows® 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10-based operating system using the AD4110-1 evaluation software.

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