16-bit MCU with integrated driver for e-paper displays

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Because the S1C17F63 has built-in drivers, its reduces component count and increases the durability of e-paper applications such as on-card displays. Epson also successfully reduced current consumption in real-time clock operation mode to 120nA (typical), a 40% reduction compared to a comparable earlier MCU. The low power draw makes it possible to extend the battery life of the product without increasing battery capacity. Moreover, the extra current can be used to rewrite a display screen. In addition to the display driver circuit, the new MCU offers Flash memory, EEPROM, timers, an A/D converter, and a temperature sensor. The built-in temperature sensor can be used to compensate display quality effects arising from the temperature characteristics of e-paper displays. The sensor can also be used together with a theoretical regulation function to compensate for temperature-induced frequency drift in crystals.

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