10-W wireless power delivery promises faster, cooler charging without plugging in

10-W wireless power delivery promises faster, cooler charging without plugging in

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TI’s receiver and transmitter system efficiently charges one- and two-cell battery-powered applications, and supports any Qi-compatible 5-W wireless charging system
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Claimed as the first fully integrated 10-W wireless charging receiver and corresponding transmitter, the bq51025 and bq500215 enable waterproof and dustproof portable designs and provide a faster, cooler charge to one- and two-cell (1S and 2S) Li-Ion batteries. The charging solution is also compatible with any 5-W Qi-compliant product in the market – allowing consumers the flexibility to charge in more places.

The bq51025 receiver supports a programmable output voltage of 4.5 to 10 V and achieves up to 84% charging efficiency at 10-W when paired with TI’s bq500215 wireless power transmitter, significantly improving thermal performance. The fully-contained wireless power receiver solution measures 3.60 by 2.89 mm, and can be designed into many portable industrial designs.

The bq500215 is a dedicated, fixed-frequency 10-W wireless power digital controller transmitter compatible with 5-W Qi receivers. The transmitter features an enhanced foreign object detection (FOD) method that detects objects before any power is transferred, and actively reduces power if excessive loss is detected.

Qi-compliant communications and control ensures compatibility with any Wireless Power Consortium Qi-certified transmitter or receiver up to 5W. The wireless charging solution’s I²C communications interface allows better alignment of the receiver on the transmitter surface, as well as ability to send proprietary packets of data between the receiver and transmitter. Both devices will be compatible with TI’s future medium power Qi-compliant transmitters and receivers.

Wireless power evaluation modules are available; the bq51025EVM-649 wireless power receiver evaluation kit helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the bq51025: the bq500215EVM-648 wireless power transmitter evaluation module provides all the basic functions of a Qi-compliant, wireless charger pad, with a 12-V input, single coil design.

The bq51025 comes in a 42-ball, 3.6 by 2.9 by 0.5-mm chip scale package and is priced at $4.00: bq500215 comes in a 9 by 9-mm package and also $4.00 (1000).

Texas Instruments; www.ti.com/wirelesspower-pr-eu

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