10 Gbps USB Type-C and DisplayPort linear ReDrivers

10 Gbps USB Type-C and DisplayPort linear ReDrivers
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ReDrivers deliver enhanced signal integrity performance, low-power operation and support for data rates of 10 Gbps per channel.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Diodes Incorporated has strengthened its position in the linear ReDriver™ IC market with the introduction of the 1.8-V PI2DPX1066, PI2DPX1217, and PI2DPX1263. Suited for a range of applications including notebook and desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, docking stations, gaming consoles, monitors, and virtual reality equipment, these ReDrivers use a lower level supply voltage and draw less power than competing products. They address the growing need within the consumer electronics, computing, and communications sectors for USB Type-C® and DisplayPort™ 2.0 (DP2.0) ReDrivers.

The PI2DPX1066 and PI2DPX1217 are power-efficient, 1.8-V-rated 4-to-4 channel configuration ReDrivers for USB Type-C implementation and can support data rates of 10 Gbps per channel. Both devices feature 4 different modes – namely, SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps, SuperSpeed USB 20 Gbps, SuperSpeed USB 10-Gbps/2-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 (UHBR10), and 4-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 (UHBR10).

Configuration of these USB Type-C ReDrivers is done via their respective I2C interfaces. This results in the option to choose between 16 different equalizer settings and 4 different flat gain settings. These protocol-agnostic devices are transparent to channel link training and exhibit latencies below 300ps, and achieve industry-leading signal integrity parameters within the domain of linear ReDrivers. The PI2DPX1066 powers up in a high-impedance safe state for notebook PC applications, while the PI2DPX1217 reverts to a default USB bypass state when powering up, as needed in smartphone applications.

Also featuring a 1.8V voltage rating, the PI2DPX1263 is a 4-channel linear ReDriver for use in DP2.0 and DP1.4 based systems. Like the PI2DPX1066 and PI2DPX1217, it has a 10Gbps maximum data rate. DisplayPort transmission modes supported include UHBR10 (DP2.0 10Gbps), HBR3 (DP1.4 8.1Gbps), HBR2 (DP1.2 5.4Gbps), HBR (DP1.1 2.7Gbps), and RBR (DP1.0 1.62Gbps). The I2C interface enables equalizer and flat gain adjustment, so that channel loss may be compensated for and ISI jitter eliminated, maintaining the highest levels of signal integrity.

The ReDrivers from Diodes Incorporated offer engineers a compelling mix of lower power operation, more compact size (without a heavy pin count), and considerable application flexibility (thanks to their signal integrity adjustment capabilities). All three ICs support an industrial temperature range covering -40°C to +85°C. They all support power saving operation when idle, unplugged, or disabled states apply.

The PI2DPX1066, PI2DPX1217 and PI2DPX1263 are offered in a low-profile 32-pin TQFN package with 2.85-mm x 4.5-mm x 0.35-mm dimensions. They have a unit cost of $1.45 in 5000 piece quantities.


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