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MAY 2019

- Cover Story : Würth Elektronik eiSos & Co.KG
- Magnetic Sensors in IoT devices
- Low-power silicon process enables intelligent energy harvesting applications
- Multiple source energy harvesting in the...


Cover : TOSHIBA :  Topologies in power efficient battery formation systems with energy recycling - Thermal stress and signal compliance for embedded edge server designs with high-speed interfaces - FPGA modules power electric...

Embedded for Automotive
-  Data Acquisition
-  Embedded Security


End-to-End, Lifecycle Cyber Protection for Industrial Systems
Power Management for FPGAs

The path to mass market high precision positioning
Easy IoT Automation in the Cloud
The IoT Mind Map
How Secure Foundations...


Meet the ARM you didn’t know

8-bit architecture re-visited

SBC and Modular Computing

Automotive Electronics


Power integrity measurement challenges; Next-generation PoL DC/DCs; Programmable SoCs cut BoM parts count; Jitter effects in sampled data


Automated filter design with CMSIS; Parasitic extraction in the FinFET era; Qi, and other, wireless charging standards; Using ARBs; Switched-capacitor regulators


Flyback PSUs at 150W-plus; New ADCs simplify field wiring, sensor connections; Migrating legacy code in older languages; Giving products GUI-appeal


Towards better ADAS code; Maximise battery capacity in EVs, and IoT nodes; Analyse SoC designs for safety; Automotive MOSFETs


MRAM as mainstream memory; Optimisations for low-power SoCs; How WLAN 802.11ax serves multi-users; Pin-swapping in PCB layout

JUNE 2017

Analog Tips
Online this Month


MAY 2017

New-technology DACs advance waveform generation; Wireless-power charging for IoT design; Ultra-wide-input range DC/DC; IoT meets the festival crowd

APRIL 2017

Networks for Industry 4.0

Wireless charging at higher power

Time is running out on RED compliance

Using e-paper displays

MARCH 2017

EDN.comment - Analog Tips
Product Roundup
Design Ideas


Cover Image : 3D imaging by time-of flight sensing in difficult environments
EDN.comment - Analog Tips


EDN.comment : Here’s listening to you, kid
Analog Tips : Noise analysis of precision data acquisition signal chain
Late News : Embedded Raspberry PI, version 3
Online this...


-Analog Tips
-Embedded Systems

NOVEMBER 2016 + electronica Show Guide

-EDN.comment Big data: yours, mine....ours?
-Analog Tips : Low noise or low power ?
-Tales from the...


Feature Articles - Design Ideas : Op amp makes precision clipper -  Circuit delivers constant power to a loa

EDN.comment : Task prioritisation Eye on IoT : Data architecture in IoT:...


January 2016 : Feature Articles :  A new measurement science - Digital signal analysis with bandwidth up to 500 MHz – Rohde & Schwarz - Java : the key to software development in the IoT – Anglia Components - Designing power supply parameters in five steps with online tools – Linear Technology -2016 Predictions for mixed-signal IC design – Cadence- How to combine voltage and current regulations – Texas Instruments

Design Ideas : A faster PWM-based DAC - AVR takes under 1 µsec to process quadrature encoder

Analog Tips : ADC undersampling requires wide bandwidth - Analog Devices

EDN Comment : Why Fitbit is being used

Embedded Systems : Beware this integration nightmare

Pulse :  Highest-performing audio op amp; Mouser/NI design software in $300 version; Time-of-flight ranging sensor
for cameras, robotics, IoT; Portable 500 MHz scope has bench-scope performance; No-code state machine in mixed-signal programmables; 3D image sensor chips put VR on smartphones; ZigBee/EnOcean cooperation for energy harvesting; Hybrid supercap completes UL certification

Product Roundup : PMIC for wearables; Accurate optical heart rate monitoring; Accelerometers/gyros for portables; 15W dual mode wireless charging; USB 3.0 & 802.11ad reference design; Wireless user-authentication platform; Evaluation board for GaN power FETs; 60A digital PoL DC/DC; IoT security; Ethernet PHY over UTP

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December 2015 : Feature Articles : V -ARM64 vs ARM32 – What's different for Linux programmers – Undo Software -Push the UVM start button then hit the accelerator – Part 2 – FPGA Consultant -Understanding how a new FPGA architecture delivers throughput performance improvements – Altera -Taking TransferJet beyond the consumer – Icoteq -Energy is everywhere – and now it can be harvested easily – Analog Devices -Don't get caught out by changing energy efficiency regulations – CUI

Design Ideas : Software PLL syncs to line using moving-average filter - Isolated USB-to-UART converter builds in 20 minutes for $20

Analog Tips : Low-power ambient light sensing LED driver, with hibernate mode - Analog Devices

EDN Comment : Exabytes need Gigawatts?

Embedded Systems : -Using Micro Python for real-time software development

Pulse : Low-level security IP for SoCs; Smallest Raspberry Pi ever, for embedded designs; “Smarteverything”, Arduino-format development board for IoT; Imagination adds an IoT kit around MIPS-based board; MCUs mix 8051 core and accurate analogue; GPU computing promoted; Quantum computing research reported

Product Roundup : BLDC motor control MCU with pre-driver; 5W transmitter IC for wireless power; RF switch presents constant impedance; 1MB flash on low-power PICs; Code analysis with functional code IDE, for ARM; Paper-thin 5 mF capacitor; Class-H audio amp; 24-bit signal chain for industrial 

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November 2015 : Feature Articles : Video security systems benefit from high voltage flyback controllers – Linear Technology - A multiple-output primary-side regulated quasi-resonant flyback power supply – Texas Instruments - Industrial Ethernet Interface 4.0 – Innovasic - Guidelines fro building a secure device – Green Hills Software - USB 3.1 testing, part 3 : Power Delivery – Tektronix

Design Ideas : Programmable-gain amp achieves high gains - Avago Tech Note: Strain sensing using optical phase interrogation technique with polymer optical fibre

Analog Tips : ADC noise spectral density - Analog Devices

EDN Comment : Counsel of perfection

Tales from the Cube : Under the Radar

Embedded Systems : 5 tips for designing interfaces to reusable software modules

Pulse : Design & build for customised Raspberry Pis; AMD steps up integration in embedded x86 MCUs; Free pre-commercial access to an ARM core; Optical, timeof-flight ranging over 2m; Sensors for gestures; A step toward 5-nm technology; Mini power cell is part battery, part supercap

Product Roundup :Serial interface NAND flash for embedded boot; Superjunction power MOSFETs at 1500V rating; Handheld spectrum analyser captures 200k points; In-car video link at 12Gbps for high resolution; Rad-tolerant megaAVR MCU; ADAS surround view development kit;Reverse-blocking 7.8 mΩ/9A power switch

October 2015 : Feature Articles : Multitouch arrives for large displays - Dialog Semiconductor - Using Infinite Synthesised Networks (ISN) design techniques to create RF filters - Resonant Inc - Programmable RF and open-source software; a new approach for advanced – Lime Microsystems - Achieving 2 GHz analysis bandwidth in mmWave 5G test and measurement – Rohde & Schwarz - Save power in IoT SoCs by leveraging ADC characteristics – Synopsys Design Ideas : Single-MOSFET circuits gate & modulate - Modded charge pump extracts power from digital signal Analog Tips : Continuous time sigma delta ADCs - Analog Devices EDN Comment : The VW Saga Pulse : Multifunction biosensor/vital signs monitor; Open source pocket USB oscilloscope;Magnetic-feedback ICs generate aux/standby; Microchip simplifies a ubiquitous temperature measurement; Knowm's memristors alive & shipping; Plug-in touchscreen makes a Raspberry Pi tablet Product Roundup : Vehicle comms at 5.9 GHz; Inject harmonics, test for EMI; “Chip-scale optics” shapes LED light patterns; Customisable circular OLED module; Boost ADC performance at Gsample rates; 80A from a digital power PoL module; Isolation amp includes ΔΣ ADC; Mixed-signal IC interfaces voltage

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September 2015 :

Feature Articles : Non-isolated offline quasi-resonant flyback converter – Texas Instruments - It's not a feature, it's a bug... – Percepio AB - Higher linearity in RF/IF amps eases design challenges – Linear Technology - Designing with DesignSpark tools – RS Components

Power Points : New Horizons spacecraft's power issues make yours look trivial

Design Ideas : AC power measurement uses PWM & PAM -Fast, low-noise JFET amp is stable over temperature

Analog Tips : SFDR for ADCs - Analog Devices

EDN Comment : Persistence of memory

Pulse : Bipolar analogue supply rail IC; 40 GHz handheld spectrum analyser; Raspberry Pi sensor board; Wireless charging evaluation kit; Tiny energy-harvesting PMIC; 4-mm sq. GPS module; Ethernet for vehicles; Twin high-density flash structures

Product Roundup : Raspberry Pi + Simulink bundle; Near-ideal power MOSFETs; HEV current sensors; Multi-cell Li-ion monitor; Ultra-low power regulator; USB to Gbit Ethernet conversion; Complete Bluetooth connectivity module

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July/August 2015 :

Feature Articles : An ultrawide input, low power, flyback topology power supply – Texas Instruments - Implementing glove touch in capacitive touch user interfaces – Cypress Semiconductor - Linear regulators step up to “ultra” performance in noise and PSRR – Linear Technology - Newest-generation power modules further simplify power design – Maxim Integrated - Maritime HMIs for ocean-going vessels - Sütron

Embedded Design : Summer reading list of embedded developers - 2015

Design Ideas : Gain-selectable IC yields voltage-to-current converter - Simple SSR has zero-cross on/off switching

Eye on Standards: PCIe Update : Power, IoT, storage, OCuLink, simulation and equalisation

Analog Tips : Low-power, battery powered square wave oscillator - Analog Devices

EDN Comment : Extreme engineering

Pulse : Arduino board for wireless;Low-cost Snapdragon platform;ToF 3D imaging kit;Multi-touch plus gesture;Terabit record for fibre transmission;Software-engineer-friendly MCUs;Ambient multi-gas sensor;NFC meets Bluetooth

Product Roundup

PDF version click here

June 2015 :

Feature Articles :  5,000 meter altitude performance; can your supply really meet this requirement ? – Excelsys Technologies - 3D power packaging : focus on embedded substrate technologies – PSMA Packaging Committee - Five security questions you must ask now – Green Hills Software - - Don't burden your Internet of  Things concept with high mobile data charges – Future Connectivity Solutions -  The seven levels of SoC IP verification - Arteris
Embedded Design :  10 must-have development tools that (mostly) won't strain the budget
Design Ideas :  Simplified kurtosis computation detects signal interference - Simulate digital filters with PSpice
Spin Cycle : High-performance motor control at low speeds – Texas Instruments
Analog Tips :  Decimation for ADCs - Analog Devices
EDN Comment : Semiconductor M&A : trying to keep up
Pulse : EDA tools;Cadence keeps Jasper identity in formal methods update; Mentor gets detailed power info from emulation;Synopsys IP comes AEC qualified;Formal methods in an app wrapper;GaN devices get more mainstream;An SiC trench FET

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May 2015 :

Feature Articles :  Sensor fusion enhances device performance - Bosch Sensortec - USB 3.1 testing part 2: Type-C cable assemblies - Tektronix - MicroSIP unwrapped - Texas Instruments - New demands on DC-link power capacitors - EPCOS OHG - 30 Tear Down: The Propagating Plane Wave - 3M EMD L&M Laboratory
Online this month :  10 skills embedded engineers need now - - Are embedded developers using risky opensource code to fix schedules?
Design Ideas :  De-embed transmission lines with FIR filters - Rotational (or linear) measurement using an optical mouse sensor
Spin Cycle :  Simplify complex control problems using disturbance rejection - LineStream Technologies
Analog Tips :  ADC Full Scale Range - Analog Devices
Baker’s Best :  Complete the simulation of your ADC with IBIS
EDN Comment : Battery, battery on the wall
Pulse : UWB pulse radar detects respiration in the next room; Imagination gives academics - MIPS-core RTL insights; 4Mb serial F-RAM for mission-critical data storage; TI goes multichannel with L-to-digital sensing

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April 2015 :

Feature Articles: Testing audio ADCs and DACs - Audio Precision - USB 3.1 testing : Start to finish – Part 1 – Tektronix
Defend encryption systems against side-channel attacks – Rambus - Demonstrating ASIC IP performance and quality demands on FPGA-neutral design flow – Cognivue - A software infrastructure for the Internet of  Things – The QT Company - Critical requirements in high speed signal generation applications – Linear Technol

Online this month : USB 3.0 -  a key-point summary - Aluminium capacitor slideshow : handling heat issues

Design Ideas : Schmitt trigger adapts its own thresholds - Instrumentation amp makes an accurate transimpedance amp too

Analog Tips : Noise Figure in Analog-to-Digital Converters - Analog Devices

Eye on Standards : Trading Signal complexity for banwidth
EDN Comment : How good are your models ?
Product Roundup : drop-in module for GaN evaluation; 35µA/MHZ Cortex-M MCU; 40A pulsed LED driver; formal checks in FPGA design; 600V GaN transistor

PDF version click here

March 2015 :

Feature Articles : Comparing Linux, RTOS and Bare Metal for optimised real-time performance- Altera -The basics of automotive cluster device architectures and applications – Freescale - Does your op amp oscillate? – Linear Technology -The fully Digital radio transmitter: Is it real ?

Online this month : Software tool fixes causality violations: and, De-embedding exposed -Demonstrating ASIC IP performance and quality demands an FPGA-neutral design flow - Cognivue

Design Ideas : Transient load gives power systems a workout -Monitor a differential pair for valid & fault conditions -NRZ to AMI converter uses single supply

Analog Tips : Low-power, low-cost, differential amplifier with high CMRR - Analog Devices

Baker's Best :Simulating the front-end of your ADC

EDN Comment – Yet more IoT reflections

Product Roundup : Supercaps for energy harvesting; USB vector network analyser; Nano-amp wake-up timer; run-from-flash Renesas MCU

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February 2015 :

GPU Compute and OpenCL: an introduction – Part 2 -  Freescale Semiconductor
Bring security into development and verification - TVS
High dynamic range IF receiver, microwave modem design - Analog Devices
Choosing the right wireless mesh network protocol for the Industrial Internet of Things - Dust Networks Division of Linear Technology
Beam-forming antennas: essential to the next phase of mobile network growth - Anritsu

Pulse : Raspberry Pi 2 - AC power analyser - Sub-threshold ARM core - MEMS - RF switches

DESIGNIDEAS: Circuit gates pulse train without truncating - Circuit lets AGC amp hold its gain - Linear ramp generator uses one op-amp

PRODUCT ROUNDUP : Nano-power DC/DCs - Brighter white LEDs - Battery pack balancers - Low-Rds(on) switches - SiC MOSFETs

PDF version click here

January 2015 :
Design Tips for an efficient non-inverting buck-boost converter – Texas Instruments / Designing JESD204B converter systems for low BER, Par 2 – Analog Devices / How to measure capacity versus bias voltage on MLCCs – Maxim Integrated / Precise wireless temperature sensor powers itself – Linear Technology

Pulse : Conductive paint/ink reinvented for the maker generation - Accessory makes iPhone a thermal imaging camera - Linux systems debugged in the field by embedded execution logging - GPGPU & OpenCL boosts medical imaging throughput - Configurable buck DC/DCs:8A from 2 to 4 independant outputs - 2-terminal constant-current linear regulator improves LED current tolerance - Arduino shilds for RGB lighting and motor control from Infineon - 15 Watt Qi-compliant wireless charging - "Analog Circuit Design, Volume Three" - Obscured part numbers protect IP without the grind of grinding - Chipset measures complete set of 3-phase AC power parameters - SSL/TLS secure-socket code for embedded services

DESIGNIDEAS: Three-op-amp state-variable filter perfects the notch - Series-connected MOSFETs increase voltage & power handling

PRODUCT ROUNDUP : power switch with current sensing - low-power FRAM - HMI modules with touch - cute cases for Raspberry Pi

PDF version click here

December 2014 :

How to measure the fastest semiconductor power switches (Picotest) - Digitiser front ends need the right inputs (Spectrum) Soft management of power system hardware (Linear Technology) - Designing JESD204B converter systems for low BER (part 1) ( Analog Devices)

Pulse - edn. Comment Security for the IoT era

AD8495 Interface to Type T Thermocouples - Why HTTP won't work for IoT - 100G and things to COM

DesignIdeas : Monolithic PWM generator runs fast, minimises silicon - Flyback switcher works down to 1.1V, flashes HBLEDS - Monitor 15 contacts with one PIC input

Productroundup : 120-A TO-247 IGBT – Cortex-M0 MCU adds memory – 7-GHz ADC drivers - Wideband IF on a chip

PDF version click here

November 2014 GPU Compute and OpenCL: an introduction, part 1 by Freescale Semiconductor - Demystifying ultra-low-power benchmarks for microcontrollers by Stefan Schauer, Texas Instruments - Peripheral-cell libraries' influence on mixed-signal
ASIC costs by Andreas Wild, ams - The G word: How to get your audio off the ground (conclusion) by Bruno Putzeys - EDA tools aid earlier subsystem performance analysis and debug by Nick Heaton and Avi Behar, Cadence - When your MSO needs help – time to buy a logic analyser? by Byte Paradigm

Pulse : Tek's compact, USB spectrum analyser spans 6GHz for under €3k - 20-MHz bandwidth multifunction scope for the
Raspberry Pi - Arduino Uno shield-compatible kit for Bluetooth Smart, ANT, 2.4 GHz designs - Integrated magnetoresistive (AMR) angle sensor and signal conditioner - Driver design cuts acoustic noise from stepper motors - Automotive audio bus boosts digital audio quality, uses UTP wiring - Freescale claims smallest integrated tyre pressure
monitoring system - Digital power consortium formed by CUI, Ericsson Power - Modules and Murata - Altium Designer steps to v.15, adds high speed PCB design aids - Protect Internet-of-Things systems with security profile for VxWorks - Reference design for accurate water/heat flow monitoring - Microsemi adds security features to create “most secure”
FPGAs - Bluetooth Smart dongle is OS-independent and Raspberry Pi compatible

DESIGNIDEAS: Antilog converter linearises carbon dioxide sensor - Gated oscillator holds last level - Circuit discriminates and recovers noisy pulses - Sub-picofarad measurement with CMOS inverters

PRODUCT ROUNDUP : LEDs and LED driver ICs; Sensors and touch development; Raspberry Pi accessories

PDF version click here

October 2014 Implementation of a wireless data transmission path - Software bottlenecks necessitate innovative development tools - Isolating USB 2.0 and power for harsh environments - Four 400G quandaries to look forward to - A leap into quantum computing -The G word: How to get your audio off the ground (Part 3)

Pulse : Altera's MAS 10 FPGAs blend programmable logic and analogue - USB-powered, PC-based, mixed-signal scopes with ARB - NFC + 1²C combo; a passive solution for NFC interaction - Inverter design for bushless AC motor control - Turning off the tick in the RTOS cuts MCU power - Lecroy's -GHz, 10-Gsample/sec scope is under €10k - 16-bit, 2.5 Gsps DAC with 74dB spurious-free dynamic range - A rethought PIC IP core for FPGA or ASIC, with PIC compatibility - Audio analysers give deeper insight into device performance - Check out USB3.0 with low-cost dev kit - The Wellness Measurement MCU, for health monitoring - Design win; Nordic's Bluetooth in a minimalist beacon design - Hameg/Rohde & Scharz' entry-level, mixed-signal scope

DESIGNIDEAS: Simple pulse oximetry for wearable monitor - Optocoupler speed-up also reduces power consumption - short circuit tracer/finder uses low power - Variable HV power supply employs photovoltaic optocoupler

PRODUCT ROUNDUP :Lithium cell management - ARM-based medical SiP - Ultra-low power conversion - FRAM MCUs

PDF version click here

September 2014 Consumer connections toughen up for automotive infotainment - Vehicle designs need 65V step-down converters, and very low IQ - Transform slow software into fast hardware with high level synthesis - 25. What about DC Power Integrity? - Part 2 - SATA 6G signal quality assessed vs SSD benchmarks - The G word: How to get your audio off the ground (Part 2)

Pulse : Free software tool provides circuit simulation and PCB layout - First DDR4 NVDIMM sampling: Flash-backed
DRAM - USB-to-Internet connects stand-alone devices - “Desktop PCB factory” turns a design into a working circuit in 30 minutes - Is free-space wireless charging viable? Dialog thinks so New books; embedded-interface design, and the
IoT surveyed - Webinar on Software Testing; “Test Like Google” - RSA encryption for embedded systems counters design cloning - Audi makes the leap to (partial) 48V supply - Single-chip, global coverage car radio receiver - Off-the-shelf embedded USB host stack for FTDI's MCUs - MIPS Warrior core IP: 64-bit processing scales from mobile to high-end servers

DESIGNIDEAS: Add phases to simple RC oscillator 30 Improve efficiency of low-cost switcher - 31 Avago Tech Note: Isolated current sensing with Σ-Δ optoisolators

PRODUCT ROUNDUP :RF & Bluetooth ICs; Industrial/motor control MCUs; Arduino libraries for HMIs

PDF version click here

July/August 2014Stay out of trouble when designing with bridge sensors - What about DC Power Integrity? - Part 1 - Improving the coulombic efficiency and lifetime of Li-Ion cells demands high precision, high accuracy testing - Seven tips for using interrupts - Implementing MILS architectures on multi-core processors - The G word: how to get your audio off the ground

Pulse : Things starter kit to be distributed by Conrad - Ferro-electric memory (FRAM) - MCUs enable ultra-low power
operation - Raspberry Pi embedded compute module development kit - Bluetooth Smart protocol frees wearables from the smartphone - Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC converter with energy-harvesting charger - TI's SimpleLink WiFi enables
ubiquitous IP connection with “Internet on a chip” - OpenCL software development kit targets FPGA accelerator boards - LeCroy's WaveSurfer 3000 ’scopes offer advanced user-interface - Angle sensors eliminate dynamic errors at high axial speeds - Breaker technologies for DC power grids: research seeks a solid-state solution - ST Micro expands into roduction
of long-life paper-thin batteries

DESIGNIDEAS: Milliohm Squawker: great at finding shorts and reverse-engineering PCBs - 21 Differential amp has 6dB lower noise, twice the bandwidth

PRODUCT ROUNDUP :MCUs gain from Android, add analogue features, industrial protocols; Kits connect to the cloud

PDF version click here

 June 2014 :Hybrid execution – the next step in the evolution of hardware-software codevelopment - Top free DIY tools every engineer needs - Understanding efficiency: looking for the worst-case scenario - Bandpass filter, adjustable Q, constant maximum gain, with two op-amps - Designing for the Internet of Things: part IV, The Cloud - Ensuring digital displays flourish in all conditions

Pulse : AMD renews R series embedded APUs with HSA designs- 100V, normally-off, GaN transistors in low inductance, thermally efficient packaging- Low-cost web-based EDA/PCB software from Mentor & Digi-Key- Integrated, nanopower magnetoresistive sensors offer new detection options- Panasonic's MCUs with resistive RAM, in distribution- 10-A backup power controller manages supercapacitor stacks - Reference design outputs 4 analogue variables, cuts component count -14-bit, 2 Gsample/sec converters boost performance, ease of use

DESIGNIDEAS: Versatile noise generator tests signal recovery gear - Failsafe multichip LED module driver-Avoid problems with multiple DCDC converters

PRODUCT ROUNDUP : Power chips and modules;Wireless modules for Bluetooth & USB; FORTH language revisited

PDF version click here

May 2014 : Printed circuit board technologies updated for intelligent power systems - Getting security right in wireless sensor networks 14 - Bidirectional DC/DC conversion enables efficient power back-up - Designing for the Internet of Things: part III - Analogue components plus ARM MCU cores to meet embedded challenges - Size trends in medical sensing; compact technology meets patient needs

Pulse : 20-bit SAR ADC wins on precision, speed, & power - ARM switches to open-source base for compiler updates - Altera drops “hard” floating point blocks into FPGAs - Write “Cooler GUIs” with development editor - Dual-protocol module supports ANT and Bluetooth - French consortium formed to advance pedestrian inertial navigation systems - Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analogue front-end - SERDES-centric 85k LUT FPGAs for companion-chip roles

 DESIGNIDEAS: Smart ripple canceller offers near zero dropout - High-power shunt regulator uses BJT and reference IC - Simple capacitance meter bins surface-mount parts - Wireless bicycle brake light

PRODUCT ROUNDUP : Wireless products & instrumentation; Power chips and modules; MCUs PDF version click here

April 2014 : Designing IoT – Part II – the Thing - The blurring line between oscilloscopes and On-Die instrumentation - Best practices for designing high-throughput, real-time SoC systems - A  practical take on FFTs - Measure small impedances with Rogowski current probes - Four-quadrant DC/DC regulator smoothly transitions from positive to negative output

Pulse : DC/DC IC provides 1A of carry-over current - Mentor Graphics renews high-end PCB design tools: starting with layout - ST schedules 200C SiC MOSFET production - Synopsys updates IC place-&-route flagship, with IC Compiler II
- Add touchscreen display module starter kits to Raspberry Pi - Power e-bikes with Li-ion battery reference design - Intersil adds 25/33A PoL integrated regulator modules - STM32 Nucleo boards, free from distributor's “Board Club”

DESIGNIDEAS: Position sensing of liquid metal antennas for beam scanning antenna arrays - - Filtered noise generator using a voltage regulator source -  Linearise thermistors with new formula

PRODUCT ROUNDUP : affordable 3D printers, power converters and motor drives
SPIN CYCLE : Induction Motors : don't write them off just yet                                              PDF version click here

March 2014 :Addressing timing challenges in 6G-SDI, UHD video applications - Use digital predistortion with envelope tracking - Overcome the challenges of driving parallel LED strings - Designing IoT – Part 1 – IoT Devices and Local Networks - Cell-aware test updates ATPG methodologies - Bringing advanced medical technology up to speed - EDN. Comment   Security in the Internet of Things : what does it really need ?

Pulse :   - Cree doubles light output from high-density LED arrays - Model-based design finally gets an embedded tool chain - 28-nm “digital” CMOS generates 79 GHz radar signals - Monitor multiple instruments on a single PC screen - ARM mbed + Arduino + STM32 MCUs in extensible development platform - Mm-wave 256-QAM modem implemented as IP in FPGA - Fast-charge, 3A buck-boost chip for supercaps adds charge-balancing - USB, PC-hosted scope offers eight high-resolution channels and an ARB - Tek's MDO3000 scopes are six instruments into one - Developing IoT products is still much too complex, says Silicon Labs

DESIGNIDEAS: - Safety flasher warns of high voltage - VCO using the TL431 reference - Simple circuit indicates a low battery                                                                                                        PDF version click here

February 2014 :Five key challenges to improving LTE Network backhaul speed - How SMPS evolution has sparked a PSU design revolution - DC-DC converters and highly capacitive loads - Power conversion to supply micropower applications and the Internet of Things - How to overcome memory-imposed access rates and bandwidth constraints - Validation and analysis of complex serial bus link models - EDN. Comment   Drive carefully : slippery concepts ahead 

Pulse :  1.2 kW from a 63 x 23 mm converter – and it is bi-directional - 16-channel, 14-bit ADC fits medical imaging applications - Precision Power Scope combines power-analyser and 'scope measurements - 1-chip, 0.1%-accurate AC power monitoring uses low-loss mO shunts - TI claims fastest 16-bit DAC at 2.5 Gsamples/sec - Chip makers put Bluetooth Smart chips and devkits into the market - Controller handles currents up to300A by adding regulation phases

TEARDOWN : The anatomy of a network switch : an eight-port, gigabit glitch

DESIGNIDEAS: Greatly improve dV/dt immunity of SCRs - Momentary switch controls mains with latch-on and remote shutdown - Bipolar 20mA current-loop driver for robotic valves and other applications    PDF version click here

January 2014 : Ten Tips for maximising battery life - Charging batteries without wires in compact, efficient manner - Op amp DC error characteristics and their effect on high-precision applications - Understanding the distortion mechanism of high-K MLCCs – part 2 - Extending battery life in transportation and mobile applications with supercapacitors - TV sound : delivering audio quality when the bezel has vanished

Pulse :  9-axis movement/position sensor performance upgraded - Power analyser offers 0.05% accuracy, 20-A current capability - New name for Agilent test & measurement revealed as Keysight - Fast wireless charging enabled by 5-Watt chipset - LDO adds features for monitoring, protection & cable drop compensation - USB-TO-SPI Bridge chip joins 'smart interface' range - Laptop chargers can be smaller with 100 MHz power-conversion switching

DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS :Teardown : A minor repair provides a footnote to history - Phantom voltage dividers on your PCB - Product Roundup

DESIGNIDEAS: HV flyback converter improves efficiency - Differential I/O low-power instrumentation amp - Power Zener using the LM317 - Isolated AC linear power control       PDF version click here

December 2013 : Measure and reduce IMD from spectrum analyser /DUT interactions - Optimising high-performance CPUs, GPUs and DSPs? Use logic and memory IP - Basic concepts of linear regulator and switching mode power supplies, part 2 - Filter futures; SAW, BAW and emerging wireless standards

Pulse :  Tektronix takes 802.11 WLAN test solutions to full 165-MHz bandwidth - Arbitrary waveform generators in bandwidths to 160 MHz - “LiFi” - a proposal for massive-MIMO visible-light communication networks -ScopeCorders extend measurement range with real-time power analysis - IC optimises PV charging up to 80V, handles multiple battery types -More dsPICs for appliance, automotive and industrial applications - Freescale and MicroSys cooperate on industrial functional safety -Isolated high-side switch for industrial automation designs - Off-line LED drivers optimised for European lighting markets - PCI Express high-speed digitiser extends signalprocessing features -Secure microcontrollers to protect data in cloudbased transactions - Safety package specific to STM32 microcontrollers in development                        DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS :-Digital power: your new best friend? - Find input and output resistance with IBIS - Mechatronics in Design : Hydraulic transmission lines - Teardown : Xbox One hardware costs less to make than retail                                                                                                                                                                   DESIGNIDEAS: A true op-amp made from inverters - Single-cycle logarithms & antilogs in FPGAs - Measure inductance & capacitance over a wide range                 PDF version click here


November 2013 :A high-accuracy 4-20mA current-loop transmitter for tough industrial requirements - Implementing high availability network communications for industrial applications - Basic concepts of linear regulator and switching mode power supplies, part 1 - Securing the Internet of Things : how OS-level measures can confound the hacker                 Pulse :  XMOS' xCORE-XA blends multi-core MCU, ARM core and low-power operation -Toshiba steps up LED-lighting presence with 1W GaN-on-Si white LEDs -Single-chip software-defined radio handles multiple signal types -Altera/ Enpirion DC-DCs aim to solve FPGA-power supply challenges -Wireless charging receiver delivers 400mA across a 1.2cm air gap -Gecko range of “energy-friendly” MCUs gains ARM Cortex-M0+ Core-based chips -Drive appliance motors with 3-phase integrated PFC inverter -Lowest-profile, highest density 180W PSUs have medical approvals -Cadence adds to IP offering for analogue in 28-nm, and in Tensilica audio blocks -Qt package speeds embedded device creation with rich graphics                                                                                                                                                                               DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS : The IoT bandwagon gathers speed - Simply an adjustable low-pass filter - Product Roundup 

DESIGNIDEAS: Solid-state circuit breaker for microcontrollers - Voltage-to-period converter improves speed, cost, and linearity of A-D conversion - White noise source flat from 1 Hz to 100 kHz -Double-speed  Interpolation                                                             PDF version click here



October 2013 : Wideband Fully differential amplifier noise improved using active match - Understanding grounding, shielding and guarding in high impedance applications - Automotive safety and ISO 26262 qualification of compilers - 10 C language tips for hardware engineers
Pulse : PICs integrate analogue signal chain with 16-bit converters - USB ’scope range grows with 20-GHz electrical, 9.5 GHZ optical sampling units - Free-to-download CAD tool “brings 3D design to every engineer” - Directly measuring inductance creates new position/motion sensing opportunities - ADI adds mixed-signal control processor for industrial motor and solar inverter designs - VDE Certified Library for Infineon MCUs satisfies IEC60730 Class B - Online ADA educational resource for the safety-critical software community - AMD sets out plans for embedded processor markets - Agilent Technologies splits measurement from life-sciences businesses
DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS : Teardown : WiFi humidity monitor module - Teardown : Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : still the category leader - Product Roundup - Tales from the cube : a chock to the circuit
DESIGNIDEAS : - Per-quadrant linear amplifier distinguishes input polarity - Multiple PSUs share load
- Novel Q-meter                        PDF version click here                                                


September 2013 : Switcher peak current-mode control circuit optimisation for automotive applications - LED-driving techniques reduce power in LCD TVs - Minimise standby current in automotive DDR supplies - Power supplies for automotive Start/Stop systems
Pulse : - NXP offers on-line tool for UHF PCB antenna design - Maxim to buy integrated-power-silicon supplier Volterra
- Source/measure unit gains touchscreen user interfaces -  Solid-state relay reference design offers remote, wireless AC power switching - Signal analysers gain improved phase-noise performance, sweep speed  - Simultaneous multi-channel UHF data reception in automotive transceivers - Integrated power solution combines quad buck regulators and 200 mA LDO -  Programmable USB-port power controllers support 12-W fast charging
DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS : - Google glass Teardown - Closer to real-world analogue filters - Product Roundup - Tales from the cube : disappearing data
DESIGNIDEAS - isolation amplifier transfers low frequencies across barrier - Light-controlled oscillator uses solar cell junction capacitance - Adaptive Schmitt trigger tames unruly signals                           PDF version click here


July/August 2013Power to the people : the democratization of engineering - Advanced ZVS buck-boost converters for microprocessors core power - Counting squares : a method to quickly estimate PWB trace resistance - Online Special Report : Top 25 Global Distributors
Pulse :  MEMs resonator and oscillator circuitry integrated onto single IC - Tek will use IBM 9HP SiGe technology to take scopes to 70 GHz - Elliptical curve asymmetric key authentification solutions from Atmel - LED driver cuts component count, hits volume LED-lighting cost targets - Altera previews its “Generation 10” FPGAs and SoCs - Android App puts precision power measurements on portables
DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS : Cognitive radio arrives, all by itself ! - Signal Integrity - Don’t be fooled by your amplifier’s bandwidth - The engineer’s mind - Managing complexity and reducing risk - Product Roundup - Blame the programmer
DESIGNIDEAS :  Derive an efficient dual-rail power supply from USB - H-bridge paves new ways for LED lighting - Design Ideas Classic : two Ics form F/V converter                          PDF version click here


June 2013 : What makes industrial sensors go awry ? - Design for manufacturing and yield - ACE Awards : Celebrating the art of engineering - Teardown : disposable 1-Terabyte Network-attached-system

Pulse : PCI Express protocol analyser spans full range of PCIe 2.0 --100mA synchronous buck converter with 150V input eliminates TVS - Select resolution from 8 to 16 bits in a USB oscilloscope -18-bit A/D converter is smallest available – Maxim -High density zero-voltage-switching DC/DC converter modules - Gallium nitride delivers 9735% efficiency in PF-corrected supply --Synthesised 360° view with approaching-object detection - 40V automotive-qualified FETs further reduce on-state resistance - Infineon adds package variants for high-power switches

DEPARTMENTS & COLUMNS : GaN, SiC and all that - Signal Integrity - Power FETS and Diodes : Advances in Passives

DESIGNIDEAS :- Micro-powered sawtooth oscillator works on low supply voltages - Connect a 4x3 matrix keyboard to a microcontroller using two I/O pins - Low-component-count zero-crossing detector is low power PDF version click here

May 2013 SoC FPGAs combine performance and flexibility - A system-on-chip approach to interfacing strain-gauge based sensors -Test & measurement technology goes embedded - 10 C language tips for hardware engineers - xCORE Industrial multicore microcontrollers gain analogue functions -Single-chip touch control for Windows 8 tablets -Tek builds on Voltech acquisition with power analyser launch-USB 2.0 interface, coax physical layer on MOST150 network chip - Multi-channel, multi-standard signals to 6 GHz from R&S vector generator -Single-chip digital radio receivers for consumer electronics-Battery monitoring technology adds precision for lead-acid chemistry - Hit the switch-Signal Integrity-Teardown : LED light shrinks size and cost with nonisolated driver- Product Roundup : cable drop compensator for power rails -Recover the leakage energy of a flyback transformer-Double the protection of a laser driver using a 1V power supply

-Gate-drive transformer eases multi-output isolated dc/dc converter designs

PDF version click here

April 2013 : Automated manufacturing yields an even-smaller power module format - Cortex-M0 at the core of Cypress’PSoC4 programmable architecture - Tektronix uprates high performance AWG to 50 Gsamples/sec - Agilent extends presence in 12-bit scopes with High-Definition models - RMS power detector for RF communications designs spans 10 GHz - Low-jitter MEMs oscillators with integrated frequency margining - Shape-based router executes automatic custom mixed-signal IC net routing - POWER : - Silicon vs. Gallium Nitride vs. Silicon Carbide - PCB-layout considerations for non-isolated switching power supplies - Spread spectrum : safe haven for wireless - Teardown : cell-phone charger : nice idea done right - Mechatronics in Design-Design Ideas : readers solve design problems - New products - PDF version click here

March 2013
Signal Integrity issues on the rise - Anatomy of a highly-resonant wireless power transfer system -  Detecting and distinguishing cardiac-pacing artifacts - -Battery management matters - What does  “rail-to-rail” output operation really mean ? - Mechatronics : Tribology – an essential but neglected science -Design Ideas : readers solve design problems - New products - PDF version click here

Please find hereunder the eeNews Europe archives

April 2013 - Flexible battery operational at a 300% stretch-Toshiba operating system designed to save power-Nose in clothes’ sensor for wearable electronics detects illness and fatigue-The BMW Group could soon integrate free-gesture paint defect control-Vehicle to vehicle communications to reach 62% by 2027-Fully recyclable organic solar cells take cellulose as an eco-friendly substrate-LED-on-microwire startup raises 10 million euros-Automotive safety-Electronics in robotics-Assembly & packaging - PDF version click here

March 2013 - European chip industry competitiveness - human body provides framework for communication channel - Atmel's VP European Sales Interview - Power Management - Medical Electronics - MEMs Technologies - PDF version click here

February 2013
- Mouser : open source hardware changes the game - Taking a new direction with analog
- audio & video electronics - memory & data storage - embedded electronics - PDF version click here

January 2013 : circuit building for kids - BMW brings LTE connectivity to its vehicles and others
- Volvo, Ericsson jointly connect cars to the cloud - Plessey's CEO interview - Test & Measurement - Connectors & Cabling - RFID Technologies - PDF version click here

December 2012 : Thousands of 3D models and schematics for free - Antenna-on-chip speeds infrared light transmission - Ultra porous copper material up to 10 times more effective than conventional heat sinks - Smart home splits over low power - All-carbon solar cell could shave off expensive materials from today's photovoltaics - ARM CEO Warren East on IoT, Nokia, platforms, Europe's future - MISRA-C moves into embedded ARM development - OLEDs to face stiff competition from classic LEDs - Solar energy funnel offers new way of harnessing photons for electricity - CMOS-compatible wafer-level 2D thin-film magnetic cores - Displays & Interfaces - RFID & e-Payment - MEMS Technologies

November 2012 : electronica issue


October2012 :

- Mouser Electronics - Where the European Design Community goes to Assemble
- Chinese test instruments manufacturer active on European feedback
- LSI Logic : Jeff Richardson's interview
- Digital Signal Processing
- Telematics & Logistics  : car sharing as a smartphone app - trucks get to speed on the road to pen connectivity
- Analog Design
- Reader offer

September 2012 : Apple v. Samsung : rights and wrongs - Patents drive innovation : interview James Dyson - Light-emitting foils could offer cost-effective OLED alternative - Energy Harvesting - Optoelectronics - Data Acquisition

July/August 2012 : Four reasons why its 'game over' for foreign chip firms in China - - New EU Data Directive will drive turning point for security - On the photonics roadmap: chip-to-chip and intra-chip interconnects - Special focus on : power supplies - medical electronics - programmable logic

June 2012a giant leap for the Android ecosystem - living virus generates electricity - mini-projector for smartphones - Special focus on : sensors & data conversion - EDA & design tools - flexible electronics

May 2012 : EU photonic wireless project - Ultra-sensitive electrical biosensor - Stretching the limits of printed electronics - Special focus : power design - design for manufacture - user interfaces

April 2012 : Power at the core of smart system integration - Opel develops intelligent, non-dazzle LED-based headlight - Zhaga-compliant, interchangeable LED modules - Special focus : Circuit protection - Motor Control - Robotics

March 2012 : Exclusive interview : Wind River's view on Europe - Voltage regulators stacked in 3-D

- Special focus : Power Management - Identification & Tracking - Memory & Data Storage

February 2012 : Leap ahead with Mouser and the latest M2M Technologies - Embedded World Preview - Special Focus : Analog & Mixed Signal  - Wireless Communications - Embedded Computing

January 2012 : LED color regulation for lighting design - Organic photovoltaics offer greener benefits -  Solution-based fabrication techniques for flex and stretch electronics - Special focus : LED LIGHTING - INTERCONNECTS - TEST & MEASUREMENTS

December 2011 :  Special focus : identification - display technologies - sensors & data conversion

November 2011 : - the next crop of technologies at Imec's 2011 Technology Forum
- artificial leaf performs direct hydrolysis in sunlight - Autosar between home stretch and new challenges - Human-Machine interfaces : 3D imaging enters the human body with microlens-equipped endoscopes - Special focus : power management - drives and controls - distribution corner

October 2011 : answering Europe's alternative energy challenge - managing IP quality in the SoC era - eliminating HDMI signal conditioning challenges - special focus : analog & mixed signal - embedded computing - digital signal processing

September 2011 photo detectors & sensors designed to be flexible - mobile TV's evolution - 4-camera system to tackle 3D TV - BMW develops laser-based headlight technology - Special focus : optoelectronics - automotive - RF & Wireless 

August 2011: car battery in a bottle - photovoltaics energy-conversion system - A19 LED bulbs -Special focus : analog & mixed signal - data acquisition- passive components A19 LED bulbs

July 2011: Organic photovoltaics - car electronics - flexible electronics

June 2011: Bio-inspired robotics - Tackling power efficiency at PCIM - Special Focus : EDA & Design Tools - Sensors & Data Conversion

May 2011 : Medical Electronics - Motors and Drives - Display Technologies

April 2011 :Japan's fabs assess the damage in quake's aftermath – X-Fab co-CEO interview – M2M Communication – Power supplies – Passive Components

March 2011 : Self-tunable vibration energy harvesting MEMs - Xilinx'MPCore & FPGA single-chip platform - Special Focus : Analog & Mixed Signal - EDA - Energy Harvesting

February 2011 : Reaping the benefits of energy harversting - Tabula unveils 3D-PLD EDA tool - Focus : power management - data storage - embedded computing

January 2011 : 10 execs and 10 technologies that are changing the game - Special Focus : Test & Measurement - Interconnect - RF & Wireless

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