Virtual simulation for electric component crash testing

January 18, 2021 // By Steve Hughes, Managing Director, REO UK
Virtual simulation for electric component crash testing
Simulation enables devices to be put through thousands of virtual tests to ensures products are top quality reducing proptotyping work, waste and time.

Virtual reality means much more than video games. When purchasing an electrical device you’re invariably presented with a table featuring the part’s working parameters and operational limits. Discovering these limits takes a lot of testing, so can simulation simplify this process? This article from power quality specialist REO UK, discusses the details that go into simulating, stress-testing and prototyping electrical components.

If you buy a car in Europe today, you’ll find a European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) score featured prominently. This lets the customer know that the vehicle has been through an array of destructive physical tests and fulfils crash safety requirements. REO equipment facilitates similar tests, only on its electrical equipment.

For the physical aspect of testing and simulation, lets follow a component as it traverses REO’s electronic proving ground.

Magnetic field simulation.

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