Smarter than smart speakers with Mem transducers

March 15, 2018 //By Wisse Hettinga

With the new generation of Mem transducers it is possible to start new developments. eeNews discusses the difference between traditional microphones and transducers with Stuart Yaniger, an expert in audio design. According to Stuart, one of biggest differences (the price) wil allow designers to work with sound on a different scale. He is currently working on an application that uses an array of Mem transducers to pick a voice out of the background noise and follow that sound as it moves. It is a sort of dynamic sound system that will make speakers ‘smarter than smarter’.

Unfortunately the Skype connection did not allow us to have better sound quality. Thinking of it, that might  perhaps be something for a next project, a ‘Smarter than Smart’ Skype speaker with HiFi and stereo.

More in the interview….

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