The Mysterious Decibel Part 2 - Talking Bits and Bytes with Stuart Yaniger

April 25, 2018 //By Wisse Hettinga

In this episode of ‘Talking Bits and Bytes’ Stuart Yaniger will explain why we use a logarithm in the calculation of the decibel, why do we have 10 log and 20 log, how do we persieve sound and loudness and how can we use decibel in the digital world?

If this all is not enough for you, we can help you to the next level. A special document that can be downloaded from the eeNews Learning Centre. The document is called ‘db or not db’ and is made available by Rohde and Schwarz.

The link to the document is

‘Talking bits and bytes’ will continue with some hands on information on how to measure the distortion of microphones.

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