Inside your processor

January 17, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga

In our high integration world where everything is getting smaller and smaller it can help making things bigger. That is the idea behind the Megaprocessor. James Newman from Cambridge started the project - “because I wanted to”, but the longer answer is more clear.  “Computers are quite opaque, looking at them it's impossible to see how they work”, explains James. “What I would like to do is get inside and see what's going on. Trouble is we can't shrink down small enough to walk inside a silicon chip, but we can go the other way; we can build the thing big enough that we can walk inside it. Not only that we can also put LEDs on everything so we can actually SEE the data moving and the logic happening. It's going to be great.”

If you want to discover how a controller works you can have your own ‘walk through’ here:

Or watch the video:


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